yeah Doha, do you know where that is?

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Doha, Qatar

yeah Doha, do you know where that is? Reviews

rwinograd rwinograd
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Jul 28, 2007
Yeah so with the current state of da world I wanted to visit somewhere in da Middle East. Doha is a good place to check out what is going on in Arabia, although if you want a more westernized version go to Dubai. But that was not the point for me!

Its okay here but I wont be back. Its hot as h.......

People are not very friendly.

If you arent Muslim you are an outsider.

I am happy I came though. Learned a lot about this culture. Its ancient but as everywhere else experience rapid changes as Western ideals press it.

Islam means submission. As in submit to God. It is a religeon that fears God. This means no crime. I mean zero. Walk anywhere anytime. The religeous code rules the land, not the human law code that we find in most countries. This is both positive and negative. Positive zero crime. Negative, Jihad...Islamic Fundamentalists that profess defending their beliefs in the name of Allah at ALL costs including their own lives. Life on earth is secondary to life with God. These are not just ideas, this is the life that you feel, breath, see and hear as you walk the streets.

Dont waste your time looking for nightlife, all you will find is a few stuck up Brits or extremely rich nationalists sipping overpriced cocktails in overpriced hotels. Drinking is not tolerated by Muslim people but many do it anyways since the times they are a changing.

Do spend your time tasting a fusion of different foods from India, Africa, Afganistan, Turkey, Philippines, pretty much any country where there is a strong Muslim following you will find immigrants here. The immigrants work for peanuts (150 US dollars per month) while the Qatari Nationals make big big money that they like to flaunt in the form of nice cars or license plates that cost anywhere from 20-100 thousand dollars depending on the number of digits. Ridiculous yes, fair no.

HOTELS-go downtown you can find a place to stay for 50-80 dollars a night. If you go to the big strip where the big players like to roll you wont find anything below 200 bucks.

MY ADVICE-if you want to go to an Islamic country try Turkey. Ive heart Istanbul is beautiful.

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