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Create your own travel map that you can add to your MySpace, Facebook, or personal webpages and blogs. Play travel games that test your geography IQ. All for free! If you like our travel maps and apps, please create a TravBuddy account and check out all the other cool features that the TravBuddy travel community has to offer.

World Travel Map

Countries Visited Travel Map

Check off a list of the countries you've visited. See how much of the world you have visited and how much you still have left to explore. Post to Twitter or get HTML code to add to MySpace, Blogs, or Personal Homepages.

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Name that Place! Travel Game

View photos from around the world and try to identify their locations. Compete with your friends on Facebook and compare geography knowledge! Fun, fast and addicting. Play the game and Name That Place!

Future Travels Map

Where are you going? Create a future travels map to add to your MySpace profile.Tell your friends where you are planning to travel to. Meet other people going to the same places! Use this to get HTML code to add to MySpace, Blogs, or Personal Homepages.

Facebook: Where Are You Going?

Facebook only! Put your future travel plans on your Facebook profile. See where your friends are going. Find other people on Facebook planning to travel to the same places. Add this application to your Facebook profile today!

Geo Quiz Challenge: Travel Quiz Game

Test your knowledge of current events, geography, and travel by taking the Geo Quiz Challenge, a joint production with PRI's The World, a nationally syndicated radio show. Compare your score with listeners and visitors from other radio stations and websites, and represent TravBuddy on the top scores list!

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Map Your Trips with a Free Travel Blog

Map out your trips to share with friends and family by creating a free travel blog! Creating a free travel blog is fun and easy, and you can upload unlimited photos, videos, and journal entries to help chronicle your trip. Your trip will automatically be mapped as you create your blog. How cool is that?

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