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• Pros: Good city planning; friendly people, lots of inexpensive shopping opportunities at small local markets, modern cafes and restaurants, good cab service. • Cons: Air and land pollution from coalmines, poor quality of roads and sidewalks, no English road signs, no International Tourism Bureau, high prices at stores and restaurants • In a nutshell: Both an industrial and a cultural center, one of Ukraine's remote spots...
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This city is a recognized cultural center of Luhansk region. Its population is now about 125 thousand inhabitants. Syeverodonetsk is located to the north of the Seversky Donets. This city is the main city of the northern part of Luhansk region and its capital now. We arrived here in late November 2014. Now my wife and I rent a two-room apartment here and stay in this city as refugees, or internally displaced persons. Also, we received an official IDP certificate in this city.
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Kiev is rich in history. It is one of the world's ancient cities. It was the center of statehood and culture of the Eastern Slavs. Kiev has a lot of parks and recreation areas where you can just relax and enjoy the fresh air and surroundings, among them the Hydropark - a large riverside park located on two islands, with their sandy beaches, that is a good place for swimming, sunbathing, rowing and playing beach volleyball.
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The West-Ukrainian Capital - this is how Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine, is often called. Lviv is often referred to as “A Beautiful Ukrainian City” or “An Open-Air Museum”. It is much more ornate than many other cities of Ukraine. When I strolled downtown, I felt each building was a masterpiece and thought I had to take a picture of every other building and describe it in detail...
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Enjoy visiting a famous Ukrainian Orthodox monastery with numerous relics, picturesque views, tranquil places; a place where you are inspired with the spirit of harmony and peace...
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Kharkiv is the second largest Ukrainian city with the population of more than one and a half million inhabitants. The city has hundreds of avenues, streets, lanes, alleys and squares. Among the city sites are its parks: Gorky Park, Shevchenko Park with the Zoo, the forest park; its museums: Fine Arts Museum, Natural Science Museum and History Museum; its theaters: the National Opera and Ballet Theater, Pushkin Theater.
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Poltava is one of the Ukraine’s regional centers with the population of over 300,000 inhabitants. The city is located on the picturesque banks of the River Vorskla. Today the city produces a favorable impression with its historical monuments, streets and buildings, parks and museums, modern districts, stores and restaurants. Poltava is a city of incredibly beautiful architecture. However, the architecture in Poltava is not as old and exquisite as in Lviv, Chernivtsi or Ivano-Frankivsk.
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Myrhorod is a very quiet and cozy place. Here you can have a rest with your soul and body. It is worth coming here when the bustle and noise are beginning to strain you. To make your vacation more meaningful and active, to enrich your spiritual world with new historical information, the local travel bureau offers you exciting trips to follow the steps of famous residents of Myrhorod, to get to know the characters of Gogol’s works.
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Donetsk, the biggest city in the region, became the capital of the Donets Basin, a big industrial area in the east of Ukraine, with the total area of 60,000 sq.miles and with about 400 coal mines. The city consists of nine vast districts. The central street in the city is called Artem Street (in Ukrainian - Artem Street). The main sites are located in this street, among them the Opera and Ballet Theater founded in 1941, Lenin Square, Shakhtar Plaza Hotel ("Coalminer"), etc.
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