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Join Date: August 29, 2010
Contributions: trippin_jen has written about 249 places, shared 8,479 photos, left 6,122 comments, and smiled 11,812 times.

trippin_jen's Travel Blogs

Oct 02, 2012 – Jul 17, 2017
It all started with an (almost) empty wallet, and things then started to change. …
Overview 9,823 words 108 76 179
This blog was featured on Saturday May 18th, 2013
A Trip That Came Earlier Than Expected
Feb 06, 2017 – Feb 19, 2017
I wanted to redeem my flying points before they expire. My aunt had a long timeoff from work. So we finally decided to go to NZ…
Overview 4,883 words 326 35 157
Winter Weekend!
Jan 21, 2017
A less than 48-hour visit following an invitation to a toddler's birthday party.
Overview 1,423 words 29 2 21
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trippin_jen's Travel Reviews

Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Singapore, Singapore
I stayed in this Hotel because the rest were fully booked due to a big conference that was held …
This review was featured on Thursday November 23rd, 2017
Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Singapore, Singapore
Cheesy and somewhat interesting, but not worth the price. The hotel is a shoplot converted i…
Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nice place for a casual night out. I like this place because: - It's open air, not humid/co…
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