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There are always people sitting there making bizcochos and it's amazing how they prepare them it's really really fast and Bizcochos turn out perfect

I went on Thursday to Cayambe with my family because we wanted to buy fresh biszcochos to send to USA with one of my aunts who lives there, my family in the States love bizcochos so, we went there...

The landscape is amazing!! but it's pretty funny, when we were going to Cayambe, we decided to go through the "long" road, not the bypass, the landscape there is green, there are lots of mountains, and well, green everywhere, but when we came back, we went trough the bypass, there everything is dry, there are lots of tractors because they take sand from the mountains there...

Now, to the city, Cayambe, it is known for the bizcochos which are like biscuits, amazing flavor, especially when they are hot, I love them with jam.

the oven
.. we went to the place where they are baked, it's unbelievable how they make them, there are no machines, everything is made by hand... That day, there was a man and a woman, who made like the shape of the bizcochos and then they grabbed the knife and they cut them but it was amazing because of the speed, the bizcochos were all perfect in seconds... then another man took them and put them over some kind of plates, and then they were taken to the oven... I was watching that process with Grace (my "sister" from an exchange program, she's from Chicago) while my mom payed for the bags we were buying... another thing that amazed me was the amount of people that went there to buy bizcochos, I mean in Cayambe there are stores that sell them every corner, but in that place, a lot of people gathered, and it was Thursday, just imagine on weekends...

Well, if you ever go to Cayambe, you don't have to miss bizcochos!

raularanda2001 says:
What is biscocho? You don't hear that word very often in Mexico.
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
lauro says:
you know in the philippines, we have bischochos too! i think all spanish colonized countries do! but in the philippines we make it a little bit different - sugary and buttery and a little bit crumbly with milk aftertaste :D but they make it only in one island called iloilo - the most spanished influened of all the islands in the philippines - where my mother came from :D
Posted on: Jul 07, 2007
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There are always people sitting th…
There are always people sitting t…
the oven
the oven
Bizcochos ready to be sold
Bizcochos ready to be sold
Bizcochos ready to be baked
Bizcochos ready to be baked
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