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Day 4 - Agra > Jaipur

The first thing I did when I woke up was check myself out in the mirror. Luckily I wasn't nearly as red as the previous night. Most of the day was spent whiling away the time at the hotel. Later I caught a tut-tut to the station. Where as before I had been on an express train, with food service and air-con, this time I was traveling on the standard train. I had seen many of these. They look a lot like you would imagine prison carridges would, with people packed in a bar across the windows. I must say I was a little anxious. However once on board my anxiety subsided. It was absolutly fine. The only complaint I could make was that the seats were a little hard for my soft western butt, however I felt this would be charactor building anway. The man next to me on the train shared his food with me, and at the stations people got off the train to smoke, which I was more than happy to join in on. The train journey lasted abour three hours.

I told we were at the correct stop and was about to get off when one of the locals told me it was a substation for Jaipur and I should wait for the next stop. Just at that moment a couple of western girls walked passed the door, obviously having made the mistake. I infromed them of thier mistake and they got back on the train. We got chatting. There names were Fran and Petra, and the came from Holland. Both around 30 (as far as they would specify), visiting India for two months. We got off at the next stop. The next stage of course was to wade through the touts at the station. Saftey in numbers certainly proved to be the case. With about 50 tut-tut drivers determined to get our business, we decided it would be a good idea to stop for a ciggarette before brave the crowed. So there we sat on a small wall smoking and chating, while all the drivers stood around us in a big circle watching us like animals in the zoo.

From there we got a tut-tut which drove us to our holtels. Mine first where I checked in and dumped my bags, then on to thiers, where we sat on a rooftop and had a beer. We discussed future plans. We decided we would meet the next morning and spend the day together.

Day 5 - Jaipur

After an amazing breakfast at my hotel (what had appeared on the menu as 'hash-browns' had proved to be potato cooked in spices, and corriander - probably one of the tastiest things I've ever eaten), I decided to walk to meet the girls. After walking for about 40mins in the soring heat, I admited to my self that maybe my navigational skills were something that required a little work and jumped on another tut-tut.

I had only planed to stay in Jaipur one night, but the late night the night before meant I had made the decision to stay an extra night. The girls decided as now we would be leaving Jaipur at the same time, they would join me to my next destination, as it was on route to theirs and split up thier journey.

We spent most of the day doing our best to navigate the city. As the girls efforts were about on a par with mine we concluded that obviously it was our maps with the issues and we were all master navigators. What we had also come to realise was that the Indians have this amazing prank...wait for this, because it's going to have you rolling around in stitches on the floor...this is pure genious...ok I'll tell you...when someone askes them for directions; they send them off in the oposite direction!! How clever is that?!

We went to the train station to book tickets to our next destination. Upon finding that all trains had been canciled, be went to the bus staion and worked out how to get there that way. We then had something to eat.

That evening we decided to go to the cinema. As we queued (girls to the left, men to the right), we met another two girls who were travelling together - an Israili called Alona, and a sweed called Rebecca. After chating they decided to meet us the next day to travel with us, so we made arrangments to meet them.

The Art Moderne Raj Mandir Cinema is amazing! If I knew as must as I'd like to about arcitecture, I'm sure I'd give it a stab as describing it, but the best I can come up with was it was like a big colourful, cream-cake! Checkout these two pictures: Outside - Inside

I really enjoyed the film. What was really confusing was the fact, about half of it was sent in London, depite the fact the film was in Hindi. I loved the surealism of the India cinema. The dancing was fanastic, mixing traditional India styles with, a lot of western styles including hip-hop and street. I'l still huming the theme tune now. Da na na na na na... of course. I don't know the words!


trishlittmann says:
Love the architecture.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
hurleyc2007 says:
Reading this makes my own memories of India come back much more... I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your travels :)
~ Connie xx
Posted on: Jul 13, 2007
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