Day 8 - part 1

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    Alynn was first to awake and returned to her frugal search for the key. Short moment later, Chrissy joined the search, followed by BS. Prior to BS’s help with the search, Alynn informed her of another challenge to face. Her SUV had a flat (right, rear end). To no such luck on finding the precious treasure, BS thought that perhaps someone may have picked up the key and turned it in to the camp host. Also, perhaps have the camp host to assist us with the challenges we were facing. Because it was early in the morning, he (Irv Stark was his name) was still dressed in his pajamas and half-shaven. He was told of the lost key and eventually learned that there was a flat. His eyes busted wide and laughed. He remarked on what could happen next or how worse could it be! It was hilarious!

    Irv walked with us to our site and observed the situation and we put heads together to seek solutions. Irv had to take us (BS & Alynn) to a remote site, the only place in the entire park and nearby, where there was good reception to place calls on his cell phone. While calls were being made, Chrissy stayed at the site to watch our things and to enjoy the morning sun. To make long story short, a tow company came to transport us to Redding, CA, which was 49 miles west of the park. When Stephen, the truck driver arrived, he stated that the closest service was either in Anderson or Redding and we decided to go for Redding since it was on our way to Redwoods. He thought that it was only the key situation and asked us to hop into the truck. Alynn inquired about the tire that it would be taken care of at the site. He gave a perplexed expression. Upon showing the tire, he asked if it was the key situation or the tire situation and we replied that it was BOTH (when there was actually a third situation to solve, the engine light service check that came on). He was mystified and it is a very rare occasion that one would experience both situations at once! Of course, he laughed!

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Lassen Volcanic National Park
photo by: cotton_foam