Day 35 - part 1

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    *Stretching as the sun rose* Early morning drive along the scenic route of the Park was sweet. It was still hazy but less than the day before, allowing us to see a bit more. When you embark for the Logan's Pass, be sure to be an early bird or else you would have a heck of a time looking for parking! Kid you not; this place is swarming with sightseer s of all sizes and shapes! Talk about walk of life! To enjoy the beauty, the art of our creator, we trekked at the Logan's Pass, a wooden trail up the mountain, 1.5 mile one way, to see the valley below. At this pass, animals come and go as they please, without much fear. You will have a chance, as we did, to see herd of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, chipmunks, squirrels, and marmots. Who knows, you may have a better luck than us, witness grizzly bear at a distant! Along the trek, mother goat and her baby was grazing merely 4-5 feet away from us.

    As you reach the 1.5 mark, you would see a lake down the valley below and enjoy the scenic view. If you continue another 1.5 miles, a steep, rocky descend, you would enjoy the beauty of the Hidden Lake. Not wanting to use up our storage of energy, we decided to head back to the center/lot. Did I forget to mention that we also had company of birds? These birds change the color of their feathers along with the weather. In the winter, they are white as snow and during the summer, they are brown with white specks, blending in with the rocks! How awesome is that?! Upon our return from the trek, we found the parking lot swamped, flurries of life abound! 

    Due to the construction, there was a long waiting line at the tunnel and that gave BS bigger opportunity to snap more pictures from the sunroof of her SUV as we crept along! Because each building carries a dose of history, we explored the historic lodge . Our favorite architecture would be Many Glacier Hotel, however each building does transmit its own beauty.

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Glacier National Park
photo by: mrgishi