Day 32 - part 2

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    A breathing break was taken at the Lake Louise in Banff National Park and the water was divine! Freezing but divine! No, *shaking head* we didn't jump in the lake but we did dip our pretty little feet and waded a bit. It sure felt good to dip into the cold and come out feeling refreshed! *Tingling all over* While driving, more animals were spotted, and it appears that you can never get enough! Animals everywhere and that is the way the world should be, animals and humans co-existing! Not separated by species, fences, and/or greed.

    Hmm... Ascend to be on the top of the world! Before it slips our mind, it was funny to watch BS exclaim over the sun. BS quoted, "I cannot get over how late the sun sets and it is 8pm, still sun shining on us!" Climbing into one of the cab, we took the Banff Gondola ride, riding up, up, up, and waaayyyy up along the mountain. But that's not the best part! The best part was the LLLLLOOONNNNGGGG boardwalk to the summit. It is best not to bring an umbrella or else you would be parachuted away, with such strong gusts of wind! It came at a perfect timing, as the sunset was painting the sky. The sun and the clouds sure had some fun playing with each other, creating a show of art! Brilliant!

    Scouting for a place to dine at or a shop to buy a snack to satisfy our rumbling bellies, we took that time to check out downtown Banff (under construction) at the same time. We could see that it is lively if only the construction was not obscuring the picture.

    Outside of Banff, searching for a place to camp in pitch-dark black night, we lucked out and then we were guided to camp at the overflow camping area. There, Alynn had lovely time head banging with the RV next door ;-) Thus brought out people to check us out, help us out with light on while setting up the tent. Few bumps on your head sure can knock you out for the night!

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photo by: jeffy