Day 31

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    We have inherited red noses! It was very brisk and frosty, urging us to warm up ourselves and the truck for the day. Oh, poor BS! She lost her small bag of cacao nibs to those sneaky mice that resides in the rustic hostel! Less chocolate noshing for her!

    What an early start it was for us and we made most of it! Totally rocks! Traveled northwards, into Banff and Jasper, stopping at the following places to view the masterpieces of our planet; Petyo Lake, Mistaya Canyon, Howse and Mistaya River Valleys, Saskatchewan River Crossing, Mounts Amery and Saskatchewan, Weeping Wall, North Saskatchewan River, Cirrus Mountain, Bridal Veil Falls, Tangle Falls, Sunwapta Falls, Athabasca Falls, and of course stopping at the Icefield Centre. This sphere of this planet has been molded, sculpted, groomed, shaped, and painted by the snow, ice, erosions, global warming and age. It astonished us to see how much of the glacier has melted away in short amount of time. Before our eyes, it will disappear so you better grab the chance to enjoy such beauty! Also, take action to be considerate of our Mother Earth!

    This far up north, in the worlds of wonders, in the land of less touchable, this is where more animals are seen than in any other parks we have been to. This particular day, today, we have seen three bighorn mountain sheep, a rascally looking black bear on the edge of the forest grabbing and eating the leaves from the bushes, elks/deers at two different times... Animals are our companions and part of our kingdom.

    The Icefield Center is for sure for you to check out! It was a plan of ours to go on the SnoCoach, where we can experience a ride on the ice for an hour and half. By the time we arrived to the town of Jasper, it would be too late for us to return and make it in time for the last call of Ice Experience on the SnoCoach. It is a must say that Jasper is very artistic town. So beautiful, aesthetic, and very European. Heading back toward to the Icefield Centre, to the campground nearby, more photo opportunities came to BS's door. The sunset was amazing, creating pictures with the clouds, casting shadows on the mountains. Luckily we were able to grab a site for the night for there was only two left! The best part is that it is in the view of the Icefield! Starry stars, wish us good night!

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photo by: marg_eric