Day 27 - part 2

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    Driving on another route toward Kaslo, enjoy its winding road where its sides are painted with small red, yellow, baby blue, and purple wildflowers. Look beyond the flowers on your left, a river is being followed, glistens in the sun. Look further and on to your right, allow your eyes treat on those lovely green forest, rocky cascade, slanted mountains and remote homes.

    Wishing not to set up camp in the dark, our feet stepped onto the grounds of Kaslo. It is a preciously little town, that holds a site of history, but a dream for us to live in. Before it slips our minds, allow us to tell you something that may sadden you. It was disheartening to witness a forest fire taking place in the mountains and it was not far from where we were. Also, it was not the only forest fire! We have seen a couple more along our way in the past few days. Oh, yes, it is forgotten to mention that while staying at the Arrow Lake for the night, near the end of the day, BS witnessed a helicopter at work, scooping up water from the lake with a huge orange bucket, dripping along the way to cease down the fire. We will have to look into the current news to be filled with the updates. Our hearts go out to Mother Earth and its family members (animals).

    Marking the site for the night, our meals were purchased at a local market and our bodies perched on the picnic table next to the beach, overlooking the lake and nearby mountains. A lady walked by and commented that it was a fabulous idea to picnic next to the beach. It was lovely to watch idyllic life of Kaslo... swimming in the lake, kayaking, people strolling by, dogs frolicking around, just simply living life.

    BS drove through this little town while Alynn ambled around and back to the campground. A simple way to end the day as a simple way to life your life.

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