Day 21

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    Yippie, our feet are set outside of Snohomish! After a week of being in that little town, there was an itch to head out and seek for sunshine! It had been raining/drizzling and overcasting since our booties been in Snohomish! Imagine how itching we have been for new explorations and sunshine!

    Aiming to leave this morning, it was set back for another few hours. Upon receiving mail, not only the credit card is finally in BS's hands but Alynn received a letter from a dear friend of hers and a letter from the city court of Scottsdale. What is up with that?! Returning to that cozy home in Snohomish, which was not our goal, Alynn made a call to the court to get to the bottom of this letter of citation, that caused confusion and it turned out that the case is closed. *Rolling eyes* At least it is nothing major, causing any whacked moments!

    Finally hitting the road, pit stops were made looking for distilled water. Believe it or not, Safeway and Albertson's (in northern WA) doesn't carry distilled water! Isn't that particular?! Wanting to save money from spending more in Canada than in US, Bellingham, WA was our next stop. Aloha Motel was our place for the night and it was thought that this city had nothing to be interest of us. Were we wrong!?

    Bellingham is a fascinating little city and carries some historical spots. It is filled with activities such as boating, bar hopping, clothes shopping, eateries, museums, and many, many more! Get this!!! Bellingham even have a Natural Food Co-op in its city!! Boy, did our eyes popped out when it came into our sight!? It was a beacon to our raw, organic souls!

    As the daylight was creeping into the darkness, our tushies drove around exploring the city. Our bodies softened with pastel colors and wetted our souls at the sight of blue sky, clouds colored by the setting of the sun. After a week of overcasting sky and wetness, it was heaven to our sore eyes to see such beautiful colors of the sunset. Have you ever chased a sunset? Close to 9pm? That is pwetty much what we did! Not knowing our way around, we found a spot near a marina, close to the city post office and had a glimpse of the last sun rays of the day. Hmm... what a sweet ending!

    Now sitting at the table, leafing through the magazines and brochures to see what Canada (British Columbia and Alberta) have to offer us lovely chicas! Bring it on, Canada and make us drool with astounding, countless sightings! Oy!! How many more options can you give us?! Stop with those options! Picking one is never enough!!

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photo by: esterrene