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Batad Rice Terraces, UNESCO Heritage Site
Yes, it was my second time to see this place. I had nothing but special thoughts about this remote Ifugao village where a cluster of the most impressive rice terraces is located. I had been planning to go back here since last year, and knowing that the summer (or dry season) is almost over here in the Philippines, I was cramming to pack my things and drop everything just to see Batad. My sister, who was leaving to Sierra Leone in the next few weeks decided to join me to a hike to Batad. Then another friend, Gogi tagged along.

Leaving Manila around 10:30 PM, it took us more than 10 hours to reach Banaue where Denwil our driver was waiting for us.
Steph, my seatmate and by morning we were sort of friends already has no definite plans. So I asked her if she wanted to join us to Batad since we already have a ride. She said Yes, so there. we were already four going to Batad. However, before the more than one hour drive to Batad, we asked Delwin to bring us first to a place where we can eat breakfast. We were brought to Las Vagas Restaurant. They serve good food there. What I love here in Banaue (or in Ifugao) in general is their brown rice which they harvested in the famous rice terraces. :)

We went back to the van, then drove to Batad Junction. We passed by some wedding banquet with locals dancing their trademark dance. By the way, I once danced during the World Youth Day and it was a 6 minute routine Ifugao dance. I had to do ballet for 6 months just to perfect the 6 minute dance.
I love dancing that routine, and seeing real Ifugao do it, it was just something. I wish to watch an authentic Ifugao dance... maybe on my next visit, it will be part of my itinerary.

When we were about to reach the junction, that was when we realized that there was some landslide and a part of the road was chipped by half so no jeep or car can pass through it. I was just prepared to walk from the Saddle Point to Batad village, it would only take about 45 minutes to walk. However, walking from the Junction to Batad, it would add almost 1.5 hours our uphill walk. I was thinking that time that I can't do it. With my current level of fitness and lack of sleep, that kind of walk was a killer. Well, apparently I still survived but I threw up twice while hiking. It was just too hot and a very long walk.
Tappiya Falls
For the past years, I had been a couch potato ever since I gave up the gym. :) Plus I am a chain smoker. I have to quit now... o wells.

I was totally all out when I reached the Saddle Point. It took me more than an hour to reach the top. Then, the walk to the village started. It was easier for me. Maybe because I refilled with Gatorade and was able to rest for awhile. The downhill walk was not really easy, but easier compared to the first part. And I know that the village was already near, I was counting 5 more houses, 3 more houses, last house... Prior to the trip, I knew that there were 5 huts before reaching the village and it made my mental calculation easier.

After 45 minutes of walking downhill, came the sight of the Batad Village where the awesome rice terraces are.
All the walking, all the effort was nothing compared to what was I seeing then. It was just simply amazing. This has just confirmed what my favorite place on earth. I am just too at home in Batad. It must be the sight, or the remoteness of the place or the people.. or it's just more than the sum of everything.

Then we settled but after checking 3 houses (Hillside - just too many people there, Simon - fewer people but still). We decided to stay in Rita's place. We lazed for few hours, had our lunch (which was really good - veggie pizza and some egg omelets). We actually hired a guide (plus porter). Steph and my sister wanted to have a porter for their bags, so Raffy (our guide) was carrying 2 heavy bags all this time. Raffy suggested that we should started exploring the place and walked to the falls if we wanted to do everything before night falls.
It was just too hard to walk around the village at night, it was not a flat village to start with. :)

My sister and Gogi were with Raffy all the time, they decided to just explore the terraces, to take photos and checkout the souvenir shops. Steph and I on the other hand, decided to go to the falls. It was an hour walk where the trail was steeper. I should have not done falls. Really. I was able to do it before (3 years ago) and checking it again was not worth all the hike. It was not an easy trail. Really... but for the first timers, it was worthy to see the falls.

Dinner came, we had chicken dinner in Rita's. Talked a bit. We had one round of beer then we decided to call it a night. We were actually invited in Hillside to join for some socials but my body was not just willing for such activities.

The next time I remembered was being awaken by the unfamiliar sound of rural life - cock's morning rituals, the sound of locals talking. Then I looked outside and the terraces are just simply captivating - especially in the morning.... :)

We then had breakfast, then walked back to the Junction where Denwil was waiting for us. It took us about almost the same time to reach the van. It was easier walk for me though because this time, I paid for a porter to carry my bag. :)

Another cluster of beautiful terraces is actually near the junction but I guess, I got no more energy and time to do more hiking. Bangaan is part of my next visit there. :)

who wants to go with me next time?
planisphere says:
actually, mas maganda yung ibang rice terraces kesa yung nasa banaue town kasi mud wall yun.. yung iba stone wall. :)
Posted on: Apr 11, 2010
rheagirl says:
kay ganda jan ah! sa Batad pala mas maganda ma-view ang rice terraces.. Been to Banuae twice, but didn't try Batad. tsk! Thanks for your blog and review. i've clicked the bookmark. :)
Posted on: Apr 11, 2010
annthansten says:
I'm so happy that you decided to push your chain-smoking self to this place, so that you could take pictures and tell us all about it!
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
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Batad Rice Terraces, UNESCO Herita…
Batad Rice Terraces, UNESCO Herit…
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