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We reached Banaue town proper around 1 PM, just in time for our lunch. Denwil brought us back to Las Vegas Retaurant but the group decided to try some other places. We had lunch in a restaurant just in front of Las Vegas. What is good on this one is view of the rice terraces. The food i would say is just the same as Las Vegas'.

Denwil told us that he would be giving extra to what we were paying. He was willing to show us around Banaue. And since he knows the place, he was able to stop to interesting places unknown to travel books like a house with real decades old mummy. I was glad we had Delwin for our driver/guide. The family of the dead granma has mummified her and placed her at a nice glass box together with our mummies (which I assumed are part of the family).

It was not a usual thing to see but it was really an experience I will never forget. The place was not at all scary but to be welcomed by a home to experience something like this is special. I think. We "donated" some peso to the owner of the house.

We stopped about three times to take pictures before we got to view the rice terraces from the view deck (where the normal tourist would go to see the vastness of the terraces). There were few souvenir shops in the view deck, it was a good place to shop for local product such as bags and wood carving except that I was not really a person who loves to shop. So I wandered around, took pictures of the terraces and just enjoyed the sight of local life.

After hours of shopping and sight seeing, it was time to go back to the town center.
First, we asked Denwil to bring us to the Museum but the museum was about to close when we reached there and after peeking at the collections, we decided to just go back to Steph's hotel for a round of beer. I was starting to feel the body pain by then. After paying Denwil for the transportation, we headed to a restaurant. My sister and Gogi had a quick dinner but I only had beer. Steph met another dutch girl who was leaving also that night for Baguio, Steph would take over her room.

By 5 PM, we said goodbye to Steph and we went straight to the bus.

The bus left Banaue on time but has been stopping almost every 10 minutes. The temperature inside the bus was Arctic cold. It was such a punishment for me especially that I was already feeling the pain from all the walking that I did for the last two days.

We reached Manila after 11 hours of sub-zero temperature. I went home, slept and when I woke up, my whole body was in pain and stiffed.

I called for sick leave from the office that day. :)

nomaden says:
Gee! I can't stop falling inlove with your pics.. The keyboard is so wet now.. (from my drooling!!!) i never been this OA but well, but this blog makes that hateful attitude come out! is it like this green all throughout the year? gee! can't concetrate on the blog.. im so busy drooling over the pics! man, i can go on like this forever..
Posted on: Jul 17, 2009
planisphere says:
Ive been to Tappiya twice already, i guess that's enough for me. Hahaha I was in all four hiking back to batad village. hahahah. I haven't been to Maligkong, maybe soon I will check that place. But this weekend, just easy hike to other clusters of rice terraces. :)

Enjoy SG!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
matthew says:
Yup, loved Batad! Esp Tappiya fall. I went to the Maligkong in Bontoc as well - they were really good too. Enjoy SG - might be there for a few days before I fly home :)
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
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