A nice British man told me to keep my wits about me in Brisbane. Good thing I live in St Lucia.

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So I arrived in Brisbane Saturday night. Its been great so far aside from the fact that it is winter here and the nights have been getting down to below 40 degrees [it feels a bit colder than that in our apartment.. I've been sleeping in sweatpants, sweatshirt and socks]. Study Australia has been taking great care of the six of studying in Brisbane. Our contact Chris is this sweet South African girl who has been here for nearly 10 years. She took us all out to a restaurant in the city the second night we were here on Study Australia's tab, and the next day she gave us an all day tour of the city and took us shopping. We're all going to see the new Harry Potter movie this Thursday and I'm pretty sure she and I are going to go see Lily Allen together in August down in Byron Bay.
Today four of us had our UQ International Student orientation. The main speaker was Russ Alexander, who lead our Cairns orientation so what he had to say we had already heard a week ago, but whatever. He's funny. The campus is really pretty. I guess it is one of the first Universities to be built in sandstone so its really pretty.
Hmm what else have I done..
Oh here is a funny story. My two roommates and I ventured to Toowong Tower [a shopping center/ mall] to go to KMart [yes, they have Kmart here. And Target.. although they arent quite the same] and to Coles [their major grocery store]. We took the bus there and loaded up with 6 bags each of food and stuff for the apartment without thinking about the ride back... We made it back to the apartment, but not without breaking all the bags, smashing a jar of marinara sauce on the sidewalk and attracting the attention of everyone around us. I felt like such a stupid American.
I'll write more later.
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