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Heading out of Cairns Harbor to the reef.

I made it to Australia! After an almost unbearably long and uncomfortable plane ride [15 hours from LA is no fun], we Study Australia kids arrived in Cairns on Monday July 9th. Everyone I’ve met in the program has been awesome and the three other girls who are going to Brisbane with me are real cool. I can tell fun times are going to be had.
We arrived at our hotel [Cairns Colonial Club Resort] and spent the afternoon by the poolside. One of the Brisbane girls, Daphne, got really drunk and passed out at about 3pm and almost missed dinner. That was pretty funny. It was a pretty early night for everyone and sleep was amazing, although my jet lag didn’t go away until today.

Then yesterday we met in the morning for a orientation session followed by a trip to this Aboriginal Park, which in my opinion was kind of cheesy and I felt like it was a bit demeaning. I don’t know though. I mean, this was just a job to them; it wasn’t like they dragged them in from the outback to perform or anything, but still. That evening we went out to a place called The Wool Shed, where Pete, one of the guys helping out the group works. Mind you, Study Australia is like a group of 40 or so college students so going anywhere together is a feat. The place was cool though. You put in you order at the door and get a number and wait for your food to be called. I had a great plate of Spaghetti Napolitana or whatever its called. I also learned what Spaghetti Bolognaise is. It’s just what the Aussie’s and the Brit’s call spaghetti with meat sauce and Napolitana is vegetarian. I stayed a little while after we ate but went back with a group of 9 in a Maxi Cab {yes, the maxi pad joke was made a number of times] because we had to be up and on the bus by 7:15 to go to the reef today. There were a lot who decided to rage on and stay until 3am. Not a good plan in my book. I was already sea sick as it was. It was beautiful out there today, minus the fact that we were FREEZING. The wind was blowing at least 25 knots. For real. We boarded a huge catamaran at about 8 this morning and didn’t come back until after 5pm. The view was incredible and snorkeling was pretty cool. I didn’t get to see any turtles like I did when I snorkeled in St. Thomas. Everyone else got a beginner diving lesson but they wouldn’t let me because I said I had asthma. All well. Aside from the fact that it was freezing and I got seasick because it was so choppy, today was amazing. I took plenty of pictures, which I’ll upload once I get settled in Brisbane. Tonight we’re on our own for dinner and tomorrow we have another session and then it’s off to the Crocodile Park.   

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Heading out of Cairns Harbor to th…
Heading out of Cairns Harbor to t…
photo by: Katie_Kate