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After a very stressful morning [I forgot my tickets from LA to Sydney this morning in my room and had to turn around 10 minutes into the drive to the airport. What the hell?] and a brief layover in Chicago, I flew in over an unfamiliar landscape of.. nothing. Desert. It was so cool though. It brought me back to Season 2 of 24 where Jack has to fly over the Mohave Desert with a nuclear bomb to save the people of LA from total destruction [luckily his boss, who was suffering from radiation poisoning after being exposed a few hours prior, had snuck on the plane and took over for Jack after a fight for their pride. He then parachuted out of the plane and watched his dear friend blow up in a creepily beautiful nuclear blast from a great distance in the Mohave Desert.] That was a good flashback. Anyway, I sat behind this huge body builder guy who snored SO wierd it was rediculous. He must have had sleep apnia or whatever that is because it sounded like he was having a hard time breathing. The lady next to me was very nice and we talked about travel and places we've been for a long time. She told me she's never been to New England. [What?] Granted I've never been to Chicago except for the airport, which is quite nice.
I met Brian at the baggage claim and after we grabbed my 65 and 45 pound bags.. we were off in his van and onto the freeway. Here is sonething I don't understand.. 5 lanes of highway and its still almost standstill traffic.. AND EVERYONE IS ALONE IN THE CAR! Hello.. um I think its time to encourage carpooling.
As we were driving, Brian pointed out these really great grafitti-esque picture of a woman's face under the by-pass and told me its this art movement thats only in LA. The picture of the woman is their 'stamp' I guess is what I gathered. He explained that its not grafitti like you see where some lame-o tags their name, its real art by real artists and they dont sign it. It just shows up one day. The subject varies but usually political. There is this one guy wanted in 7 countries and no one knows who he is. His work is very political and socially concious. For example, he snuck into a French museum and painted on these 400 year old paintings [he painted a cigarette in a woman's mouth and a man over an existing man to making it look like they were making out] and on the wall dividing Isreal and Palestine, he painted what looks like a blasted hole in the wall with nothing on the other side but a scarred looking bunny holding a mallet with paradise behind him [that was on the Israeli side]. People I guess were really mad. The guy also painted two murals near where Brian lives.
I haven't really dine much in LA yet besides shower at Brian's and relax. He had to go back to work for a few hours so I am just at his place relaxing. Later we might go to a show of this rapper Brian's label is thinking of signing. Either that or we're going to see a movie at this famous theater where they used to premire famous movies back in Hollywood's hayday. We'll see what happens.

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