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The Delhi spice markets.

Delhi is certainly a culture shock when coming straight from Guildford. We arrived early morning just as everything was kicking off and were instantly offered a ride in a taxi "straight to the hotel door". Wahay! Instead of our hotel, we arrived at a travel agent masquerading as a tourist office where they tried to convince us that the hotel (we had booked and paid for) was full, and we should stay in one of their places. They even had us speak to our "hotel" on the phone - we asked "is this the hotel ajanta?" they replied "er yeah yeah yeah, we're full!" In the end we managed to get these guys to drop us at our hotel for a fairly reasonable price (the driver was quite malleable). Hotel Ajanta was really nice, just on the outskirts of Delhi travel guide">New Delhi going into Old Dehli.

This is a view out to the north of Old Delhi from the top of one of the towers at Jama Masjid.

Not having long in India, we decided to visit as many places in Delhi that we could. We grabbed an automated rickshaw dude and heated up to the Red Fort in Old Dehli - a great big fort where the Emperor used to live. This was quite an impressive place made from sandstone and looking very red! We decided after this to have some lunch and wandered through the street markets which are something else. People are selling anything - shoes in huge buckets (God help you find one that matches the one you pull out), electronic equipment from the 80s, there are guys wandering about with carts full of pineapple, coconuts, melons - none of which looks safe to eat but it's a spectacular sight (except for the guy shovelling goats heads into a big bucket). Wandering through the spices market we headed up to the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India.

This is a rather rustic looking scene that's just off from one of the undercover markets. This guy is obviously building another one with the "help" of his goat.
Being accosted by a guy on the door who had seen my camera and tried to charge me Rps200 to take it in, I was tempted to go round the corner, hide it, and come back wearing a large nose-glasses-moustache combination and walk straight past him; however I found it easier to just pay up. The mosque was indeed huge and views from the tower (about 200ft up) looked out over the whole of Dehli. On the way out and back through the market, we noticed a lot of people wandering through a gate manned by a guy and a large drum. Following them (as you do) we craned over them to see what they were all watching and cheering about. It was mud wrestling between two young boys, about 10. We left!

It was that evening that it happened - the inevitable dysentry kicks in. I don't reccommend it. When we felt well enough to leave the hotel again we took some rides around Connaught Place - this is the central business district of Delhi and reminds me of a huge coloseum with shops running right around the outside and a massive park in the middle. A good place to relax but unfortunately no toilets around that are near enough so back to the hotel. Quickly!

Vector_J says:
Glad to see you're both still alive! Keep the details coming, and we need pictures!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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The Delhi spice markets.
The Delhi spice markets.
This is a view out to the north of…
This is a view out to the north o…
This is a rather rustic looking sc…
This is a rather rustic looking s…
This is a shot of the pure white h…
This is a shot of the pure white …
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