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I can't stand winter! Eeuw!

The rumor had it a severe, harsh, unbearable winter would come to the Netherlands. People have talked about it for months. When the actual winter came, nothing special happened. Christmas was grey and wet, but very mild. January was pretty much the same. We just could not care less. Because a year ago we thought we have to skip the most unpleasant month of the year (which is february in my opinion) and head to Sri Lanka. Little we knew that that month would be even more than unbearable. Temperature dropped too far down, the wind was icy and the public transport was limited. It also seemed that our train would no longer go to Frankfurt airport. Suddenly we had to improvise, because we had to leave the cold, whatever it costs. We decided to leave a day earlier, book a hotel near the airport and begin our travel without any hassle. Which was an excellent idea.

The hotel was difficult to find.

Let's go to airport.
The navigation system did not know the street. But after a few phone calls and a few circles around airport we eventually figured it out.

As relaxed as we were now, we were able to sit at the bar lounge, drink some wine and think about what we have forgotten to pack. Except for my super ointment and the snorkels we have taken everything we need and don't need.

The man at the desk offered us a wake up call, but oddly enough nobody has awakened us that morning. Fortunately we were skeptical and in possession of own alarm. The bus shuttle service was on time and quickly brought us to our terminal. The check in process went very easily. We had plenty of time to walk through the make up shops and drool a little. Didn't buy anything, no need for those fancy things in a damp Sri Lanka.

SriLankan Airlines is not the one of the most comfortable. But this flight is directly, so we can not complain. The food was good, with vegetarian meals. The seats were terrible and so were the screens. But enough about bad things. This trip is only about the positive. And my friends and I are already have a good time. 

Vikram says:
At one time, they were supposed to be a v good airline. But I agree with you = nothing like direct flights!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2012
lbabuik says:
Interesting! It's funny, in Canada too everyone was saying we should expect the worst winter in 20 years, but it turned out to be one of the most mild winters I've ever experienced!
Posted on: Mar 21, 2012
spocklogic says:
Great idea to leave a day early and start stress free at the airport - Good way to begin the adventure and leave winter behind for a while!
Posted on: Mar 18, 2012
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I cant stand winter! Eeuw!
I can't stand winter! Eeuw!
Lets go to airport.
Let's go to airport.
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