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The Olympics Feb. 17-20

Day 1

Friday was a long day. I stayed up all night on Thursday since we had to be on the road heading for Dortmund early on Friday morning. We began our journey at 4am and arrived in Dortmund at around 8am. I don't really know anything about this part of the trip since I was out cold almost the entire drive. The wait at the airport wasn't that bad, just long. We finally boarded our plane to begin the trip to Milan at 11:30am.

The flight was only an hour. Upon arrival in Italy, we took an hour bus ride to the main train station in Milan to head to Torino. The train to Torino took another 2 hours.

By the time all was said and done it was around 5pm by the time we got there. We were exhausted and had no place to stay.

We decided to walk around and see what was going on and maybe even find a place, anyplace to crash that night. While out we met two Canadian Lugers, who ended up giving the four of us three free tickets to the U.S. vs. Sweden female hockey game. The spirit that was around the city was evident from this and many other serendipitous occurrences.

We were a little late to the game, but this didn't matter to us. The score was 2-2 when we arrived in the second period. The U.S. team was dominating the Swedes from everything I saw, we just couldn't find a hole through their goalie. We ended the game plus overtime beating the Swedes in shots on goal 47-20, but this doesn't win you the game.

It was decided in a shootout, in which the Swedes were able to win 2-0. Our goalie would be drawn out of her net to far and made to pay for this mistake twice. What a disappointing way to begin the Olympics. The U.S. girls would go on to win the Bronze against Finland a few days later, but I wasn't there for that.

Leaving the game, two Americans came up and gave us two free tickets to the Russia vs. Kazakhstan men's hockey game for the next day. We also had the unfortunate experience of buying some tickets of a scalper who sold us 4 tickets to the Canada vs. Finland female hockey game for that night for 100 Euros. Only two of these tickets were good. My friend Matt and I took these while the only two guys would go to the Russia game the next day.

While Matt and I were at the Canada game the other two guys went looking for a place to stay.

We only got to see the first period of this game. The Canadian women looked in superb form against the Finns. They just out performed them in every respect. When we left they were winning 2-0, and would go on to win the Gold against Sweden.

We had to leave the game early because the guys found us a place to stay. On the train to Torino, Brandon told this guy our situation and he had a friend who ran a B&B in Torino that he said he would contact. He didn't get a hold of her while on the train, but gave us her number. When the guys tried it, she answered and said that her friend had called her and told her our problem. She didn't have a place for us but she called one of her friends and she put us up our first night for 50 Euros each. Everything seemed to line up for us this trip with the exception of that one scalper.

Day 2

The second day started with us leaving Paula's flat and heading to her friends place for the second night. Once the move was complete, we went our separate ways for pretty much the rest of the trip. They went to the Russia vs. Kazakhstan game and curling later in the day, while Matt and I bought tickets for the 2 man bobsled for that night and the women's freestyle aerial for the next night.

The mountains in the northern Italy are gorgeous. The train ride out there took about an hour and the further we got from Torino and the closer to the mountains the more beautiful it got.

The line to get into the bobsled event was long and security slow. By the time we got in the event had already begun but there was a lot of time left. The weather was nice, but cold.

I had on as many layers as I brought, but was still a little cold. I was there supporting Deutschland flag with me and all. That day was only the first two of four heats. The day ended with Germany in the lead followed by Canada and in third the Swiss. This would be who won the medals and in the same order too. Watching bobsled is awesome, but it doesn't last long before they past your point at over 130 km/h. The sound is incredible too. I enjoy this sport, but for me it's better on TV, since you spend almost the entire run watching it on TV anyway.

Day 3

This our last day started late since we would all have to stay up the entire night to start our journey back to Germany the same way but in reverse.

We all went to eat before going our separate ways again. Matt and I headed back to the mountains for the women's freestyle aerials.

This venue was even nicer than the bobsled venue.

The snow was coming down and it was just all around beautiful, however, the snow become heavier and the event was postponed for 2 hours before being rescheduled. This sucks because there is a no refund policy, but your ticket would be good for when it would be back on, but we would be back in Germany by this time. We had no choice but to head back to Torino with no event, L .

This was also an adventure in itself. The snow had closed the roads, so we had to walk 6 km in the snow down a mountain. I finally feel like I can be that guy who says, "In my day we walked 6 km in the snow." It was really fun. These crazy Russians would see a hill that was a short cut and slide down it yelling FREESTLYE at the top of their lungs.

When in Rome, so Matt and I joined in. I think I now have what it takes to do some winter sports, at least I would like to give them a try now.

Once back in the city, we met up with the other two guys. They were at a bar hanging out with these Italian people. Matt and I gave out tickets to two of them to enjoy for another day. From there, we headed to Club Noise to dance the night away. The club played some good music, but being a Sunday night it wasn't that crowded, even with the Olympics going on. Matt ended up drinking too much and got sick on the train back to Milan, and at the train station twice before he stopped throwing up. Good times.

Day 4

This day was nothing but traveling back to Germany. A long day that is better over than re-lived, hehe.

That is my Olympic trip in a nut shell, what a blast and I would love to see Torino without all the people there. Such a wonderful city filled with nice people and great food.

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photo by: aleksflower