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I landed in Siem Reap from KL and spent 4 days there checking out Angkor Wat and the many other temple ruins they have there.  I swear, those things are like European churches, after a while they all start to look the same.  That didn't bother me to much being a history nerd and all.  I pretended I was Indiana Jones and there were tons of snakes and a few Nazis that I had to save my beautiful leading lady from.  Needless to say, I saved her and those Nazis won't be hurting anyone else any time soon.  How they even got to Cambodia don't ask.  Siem Reap also has this really amazing Land Mine Museum, it is run by a guy named Aki Ra and he used to be a child soldier for the Khmer Rouge back in the day, now he spends his days clearing the land mines he and his follow soldiers laid, as well as taking care of a bunch of kids who were injured by mines.
  My guide then took me to see one of the small killing fields there and the monument with the bones of the victims. 

I thought that the killing field in Seim Reap was bad until I made my way down to Phnom Penh.  The one there is where over 17,000 people were killed after being tortured at the S-21 prison.  The Khmer Rouge were some seriously bad people.  What's really sad is that it was American involvement in Cambodia during the Vietnam War that eventually led to them taking power.  They ruled for over three years until the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in 1979 and booted them from power.  None of the Khmer Rouge have ever been punished for their crimes, Pol Pot ended up dying in his bed in 1998.  The one bright spot in all of this is that Cambodia today is doing a lot better than they were only 30 years ago.  They are on the right track and given another 20 years, they could be another Asian success story.  I wish I could see more of the country, but I must be moving on.  Next stop Vietnam, where I won't be playing Indiana Jones, but Crawford from the movie Platoon, it's all politics man, fuckin politics.

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Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Land Mine Museum
Land Mine Museum
The Khmer Rouge cut off most Buddh…
The Khmer Rouge cut off most Budd…
The Khmer Rouge cut off most of th…
The Khmer Rouge cut off most of t…
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Siem Reap
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