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Yesterday we went to visit the main city of Bengbu. I was surprised at the sheer amount of people just walking and biking down the street. My favorite part of the city so far has been the food street. there are just random vendors making and selling food from disgusting shops that open right onto the street. an American health inspector would have a field day. I'm sure none of them would score over a 3. The food was amazing though!  

The driving here is total chaos! I honestly fear for my life every time I step on a bus or a taxi. on our way into the city at one point we were passing a car at the same time another car was passing us. to make it worse we were in heavy oncoming traffic. no one uses blinkers here. when we asked Mary our Chinese teacher, about it she confusingly asked us what a blinker was. when we tried to explain it she was very confused and said they just gave courtesy honks.  in America the only time we honk our horn is if we are mad at someone , here they just honk it as a courtesy that if you don't get out of their way they are going to run you over. 

crossing the street is like playing a real life game of frogger. they don't have stop signs and barely any red lights. they do have cross walks but they go as unheeded as the solid yellow lines and turn lanes. you definitely have to stay on your toes around here or you will get squashed.

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