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Finally, I got my lunch. This is chicken satay.

What I hate most about Bandung is that the street not divided into square-block manner like the rest of the world does. Sometimes, if you go to the wrong street and you make a U-turn, you can not go back to the same previous street as expected. Sometimes, you have to turn left after that U turn and you will find yourself on a street that is totally different and it is a one-way street and if you just go along with that new street, it will lead you even further than the original street you inted to be on it.

What makes the situation becomes worse is the direction signs. For example, the first sign include Bandung Trade Mall, written on it. But after a cross section, the next signs will no longer tell you where is the direction to Bandung Trade Mall.

Chicken soup
Sometimes, it just write Kiaracondong among other directions. Where the hell I know that Bandung Trade Mall is in Kiaracondong street unless I bring a map. If I bring a map, then there is no necessity to even look at that damn street sign.

If you stop and ask the direction to the locals, they always give the answers based on public transportation route which is more complicated because public transportation usually goes here and there to cover as many areas as possible thus it can pick up as many passengers as it can before getting to the planned destination. It will cost more time and effort to follow the public transportation route than if we just go directly by private car. 

Ok, in short, we got lost. We only want to have lunch at Satay Kardjan again which we had it on our last trip to Bandung. After 1.5 hour of getting lost and got captured in several traffic jam, finally we can reach the place. I got so hungry, tired, gave-up and frustated. Next time, I really have to remind myself of bringing Bandung map or even buy a GPS.

sylviandavid says:
Glad you finally found it.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2012
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Finally, I got my lunch. This is c…
Finally, I got my lunch. This is …
Chicken soup
Chicken soup
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