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On Martin Luther King day this year, I finally got to try a restaurant that I’ve been coveting. The NYT 4-starred Del Posto! I’ve read many many things about the fantastic value of their $29 3-course lunch special, and while it is a tad pricey for an everyday lunch, it is certainly well-worth a trip (their 7-course lunch tasting menu is $75, dinner tasting menus are over $100). And my, what a treat it was. Be prepared to be guided through my 2.5 hour lunch…

The lunch special comes with 3 courses (Antipasti, Primi or Secondi, and Dolci), but we both opted to add a 4th course, for the steal of $10 each. Here are the courses I had (shared of course):

  • Amuse Bouche: chicken broth with corn crumbs, proscuitto sandwich, cod and pea fritter
  • Bread Basket: crusty white bread, olive bread, italian seasoned (oregano and something else) bread with whipped lard and whipped butter
  • Antipasti (Appetizer): Lobster Fradiavolo, Raw Veal & Tuna
  • Primi (Pasta): Scungilli, Orecchiette with Lamb Ragu and Carrot Puree
  • Secondi (Meat): Swordfish Steak, Seafood Stew
  • Dolci (Dessert): Chocolate Tarfuto, Chocolate Ricotta Cake with Crushed Pistachios and Olive Oil Gelato
  • Cheese Grater with Chocolate Covered Olive Oil Gelato and Bread Crumb Lollipops, Bombolini, Chocolate Truffle, Candied Grapefruit

The amuse was yummmy! The broth was rich and warm and the crumbs gave it a nice texture.

The cod and pea fritter was delightfully crunchy, and the proscuitto sandwich was very nicely toasted. The bread basket was also great – I loved the olive bread (the only thing I eat with olives). The whipped lard was very interesting and porky but both Scott and I preferred the whipped butter, which was nice and spreadable.

I thought my appetizer of raw veal and tuna was fantastic- it was my first time having raw pork (I didn’t even know you *could* eat pork raw), but it didn’t taste raw at all! The sauce had some horseradish/mustard in it, which was a great pairing. The lobster fradiavolo came with a $10 supplement, but it was well worth it. Chunks of lobster, served chilled in a light tomato sauce. I actually enjoyed the veal/tuna more, mostly because it was something very new to me.

We followed with our pasta courses – an AMAZING lamb ragu pasta with pureed carrots for me, and scungilli (conch) for him. I loved loved loved my pasta dish. The pasta was cooked perfectly, soft but not too much so, and the sauce, and the lamb just worked so well together. I wanted to lick up every morsel on this plate. The scungilli, I thought was a little *too* al dente for me (the waiter did warn us that that is how it is prepared), and the conch was too soft for my likely as well (I prefer a chewier conch, whereas the conch here was braised until very soft).

Our meat courses then came – I got a seafood stew, with lobster, clams, mussels, and shrimp and other seafood, while Scott ordered the swordfish steak. I’m not a huge swordfish person myself, so I far preferred my stew.

I thought it was a little too salty for my tastes, but extremely flavorful. The scallops were ridiculously tender and delicious. There was a large piece of bread in the middle (holding the shrimp) which soaked up a lot of the stew and was really great to eat.

At this point we had finished our glasses of Prosecco (thanks foursquare!) and decided on a flight of rum. It was lovely – details will come in a separate post.

Dessert finally arrived, and it was a nice sweet end to our meal. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate ricotta cake  – it was too dense and chocolate-y for me, especially after all the food I ate. I mostly chose that dessert to have the olive oil gelato, which, I adored. It had a great velvety texture, and very richly olive-oiled. Scott chose the chocolate tarfuto, which is almost like a truffle, filled with a very intense espresso ice cream.

It was also topped with some candied lemons that he swooned over.

The *real* finale though, was this cheese grater filled with minature desserts. The lollipop was so clever and interesting – it was filled with olive oil gelato and bread crumbs, which gave it a great crunch and  little savory flavor. The bombolinis were perfectly fried, the truffle melted in our mouths, and the candied grapefruit, may have been both of our favorites, for its simplicity and deliciousness.

And so ended our lunch. We proceeded to move our fully bellies a few feet to the bar, where we spent the rest of our afternoon tasting amaros (Italian liqueurs/digestifs), rums, gins, and other alcoholic beverages. That’s a whole separate post to come!

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theodreed says:
Posted on: Feb 20, 2012
sylviandavid says:
What a great description of a great lunch. I felt like I was eating it with you. The only thing I would have hesitated on was the raw pork....but it sounded like it was cured somehow with horseradish... Totally enjoyed this review!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2012
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