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‘Til death do us part is normally vowed on the wedding day by brides and grooms, looking deeply into each other’s sparkling eyes. Sorrowfully, in this case, it turned into a tragedy as a result of a forbidden love.

Guam is a small island which belongs to USterritory, located in the Pacific Ocean. Most of you might not be aware that Guam is the southern most and largest island in the Mariana Islands and is also the largest island in Micronesia. At present time, Guam plays a very important role as a military center since US military control over its bases which approximately cover 29% of the island’s total land area.  Apart from its masculinity, little did we know that Guam owns a hidden romantic site that is claimed to be the most visited place on the island named Two Lovers Point.


Two lovers point or Puntan Dos Amanten is located above Tumon Bay, Guam. It is a well-known tourism object in Guam where one can experience the island’s beauty through a remarkable view of the island, its white sandy beaches and amazing cliff lines overlooking the great ocean view of thePhilippine Sea. Prove to be one of the best spots that Guam can offer to enjoy beautiful sunset.

On that windy afternoon, I stepped into a gazebo that is well constructed on the top of 378-foot cliff. As I entered, I was welcomed by a sequence of large marble slabs with beautifully engraved story boards of two native lovers. These drawings tried to tell me something about the story but I still could not quite relate the series of drawings in front of me.

Luckily, I found a marble statue with the legend of Two Lovers Point.

I started reading.

Legend tells of several hundred years ago whenSpaincolonizedGuam. There was a proud family living in Hagatna, the capital city ofGuam. The father was a rich Spaniard and the mother was from a very respected local Chamorro family. They had a very beautiful, trustworthy and intelligent daughter. With all those outstanding qualities, she always made her family proud and brought dignity unto her family.

One day, an arrogant Spanish Captain came to ask the daughter’s father for her hand in marriage. Without her knowledge, the father agreed to give his blessing to this marriage. When the daughter discovered this, she was so distraught that she made a run from her house all the way to the north end of the island where she found a quiet place to wander along the shore to make peace with her unfortunate situation.

When she was wandering, she met a young and handsome Chamorro warrior from a good family. Their eyes met and on that particular minute, they fell in love. She found the love of her life because he was gentle and his eyes told her that he truly loved her dearly.

The proud Spanish father was furious when he found out about his daughter’s love affair. He insisted that she marry the Spanish Captain. One evening, she took off from the house and made her way to meet her Chamorro lover once again, at the highest point along the cliff lines above the shore where they first watched the stars together.

When the father discovered that his daughter was gone, he told the Spanish Captain that his daughter was kidnapped by the Chamorro boy. Then the father and the captain, along with soldiers searched for the couple up to the high cliff ofTumonBay.

When they were approaching, they saw that the two lovers already stood together at the edge of the cliff.

As if nobody was watching, the two lovers took the long strands of their hair and tied them together in a knot. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and kissed for the very last time. They both knew that they will be inseparable in eternal life. They gazed down to their destiny, and as the soldiers approached they leaped from the high cliff into the roaring waves below.

To this day, there are those who claim to have heard the whispers of the two lovers upon the waves proclaiming their undying love.

A chill ran down my spine after I finished reading the legend. “What a tragic love story” was the feeling in my mind. But, even though this is a tragic tale, today the same site where the two lovers stood brings a joyous feeling to today’s lovers who visit this place.

I walked up to the second level of the gazebo and to my surprised, I saw hundreds and hundreds padlocks with different colors and shapes were hanging on the fence of the gazebo. One unique activity that lovers now often do in this place involves the purchase and locking of a “Two Lovers Point Padlock” and throwing away the key.  Lovers write their names on these locks and they lock them on the fence of the gazebo to declare their undying love with the hope that it will last forever. It made me smile when I saw them do this because it was obvious that love is in the air!

I was fully aware that I was one among few others who belong to the single group that day and I am not going to deny that part of me was a bit jealous to see these lovers do such thing. However, I decided not to be mellowed out because I believe one day I will meet my own “Chamorro Warrior”. Until that day comes, the quest is still going on.

I then picked a spot at one corner of the fence. From 378-foot high, accompanied by strong winds that never stopped messing up my hair, I admired the best panoramic views of the whole island. The scenery of the cliff lines, the vast blue ocean and the lush greenery offer a splendid sensation for my soul. A surprised treat was given to me when I spotted a big manta swam by gracefully in the crystal clear water.  The sound of the roaring waves down below enticed me to look down. A view of waves hitting big rocks along the shore which gave me sudden goose bumps as I imagined the two lovers who were dare to leap from the same point where I stood.

Not too long, from the west, a perfect round orange disc of the sun slowly go down, seemed saying good bye to me who was admiring its beauty. I lost in my own thought, tried to digest more deeply about the endearing love story I just read. I then came up in to my own conclusion that I believe everyone in this world deserved to love and to be loved. The two lovers showed how brave they were to “lock in” their love which is truly an inspiration of the true meaning of love.

Next to the gazebo, there is a small yet beautiful wedding chapel where it is common to see tourists who have come to Guam especially to be joined in marriage in a beautiful tropic setting. I believe it must be wonderful for two people to become united and celebrate the miracle of love, with their cherished family and friends as witnesses, in a truly unique and beautiful location as Two Lovers Point.

Despite of tragic event behind the legend, it is delightful to know that today people come to Two Lovers Point to celebrate one beautiful thing in life that we should be grateful for, called LOVE. 

This article was published in Venture Magazine on January 2011. Picture is the courtesy of Karina Santos.

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photo by: rintjez