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view from our hotel on the majestic massif of Yulong Xue Shan

After the visit to the spectacular mountain Yulong Xue Shan, we went back down with the three different cable cars, and our driver was waiting there for us. Once again I felt really happy with the way how things had been arranged for us and the punctuality of the guide and the driver. They were great!

First we drove back to the store to hand back the coats and the oxygen bottles. In the car we discussed how lucky we had been with the clear weather op there on the mountain. Because once we were back in the valley, we looked but could not see the top anymore. It was all covered in a bright white cloud, while the sun was warming up the valley. After having been up there we felt nicely warm now.

The guide told us that there was one Naxi village in the valley but it was really for the tourists.

corn cobs drying on special racks
The driver however knew another village which is hard to reach from the road because we would have to walk through a narrow passage between the bushes, then through an opening in a wall, in order to get there. We asked if the people in the village would agree if we did and he said it would be allright.

So in the middle of fields where corn and fruits were grown, we got off the car and walked through a small path until we reached a wall with an opening, and when we passed through we were in the Naxi farmers' village. There were not many people, most of them were working in the fields. We walked around and could look into the inner courts of the farm houses, where the corn was spread out to dry in the sun, sometimes just on the ground and sometimes on racks.

corn cobs drying in the rural village in the valley
An old lady told us we could walk into the inner court and take pictures if we wanted. The few people we met were all smiling.

When we walked back out, we saw this carriage pulled by oxes coming in on the dirt road. He also laughed when we took a picture, it was all very relaxed and friendly. Just greeting in Mandarin already made the people smile because obviously they were not expecting this.

It occurred to me that these people have clearly other facial features than the Chinese from the more central and southern part of the country. I figured they looked more southeast asian, and were usually not tall. And definitely not as tall as Zhang, because he is even quite a bit taller than me, but he is from the Northeast.

We would see more of these different people that evening, but we didn't know that yet.

the farmer with his ox-cart
Because Zhang had a suggestion for tonight that we had no idea about.

But that was for after dinner. We asked Zhang for a suggestion and he recommended a restaurant that completely specializes in local mushroom dishes. They prepare it hot pot style and that is where we had our dinner that evening. It was quite obvious that Zhang enjoyed showing us around, and really liked his work, His suggestion was actually for us, so that we could go to that restaurant and he would pick us up later that evening for "a performance". But we loved to invite him to join us for dinner. We felt it was the least we could do and we were really happy that he accepted our invitation....

What happened later that evening will be the subject of the next (and last) page of this blog.

westwind57 says:
It was, Jennifer, and we were happy with the young man that guided us around... thanks for the smiles and all your nice comments. Have a great day :)
Posted on: Jun 14, 2012
jenniferhibbard says:
A special experience worth the extra effort...
Posted on: Jun 14, 2012
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view from our hotel on the majesti…
view from our hotel on the majest…
corn cobs drying on special racks
corn cobs drying on special racks
corn cobs drying in the rural vill…
corn cobs drying in the rural vil…
the farmer with his ox-cart
the farmer with his ox-cart
straw and corn drying in the inner…
straw and corn drying in the inne…
the main street of the village
the "main street" of the village
looking into the inner court of on…
looking into the inner court of o…
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