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Traveling out of LAX isn't as bad as most people think it is. OKay it is pretty bad, but if you get there early enough and you know how to pack and travel then you shouldn't have any problems. Our problem? Drinking in Chili's almost made us late for the plane. Whoops. 

Su and I are flying to Boston to visit our friend Chris who moved for law school and then stayed around to enjoy it when law school was no longer fun. Neither Su nor I had ever been before and we so excited. We had an overnight flight to Boston and we were to arrive around 6 in the morning. 

We got through security and made our way to Chili's for drinks and dinner. Both of which were fine, except we kind of ignored the time and next thing you know we are zooming to our gate being one of the last people on.

Since the airlines have introduced the baggage fees everyone does carry-on luggage now and its the biggest inconvenience. Theres no room for it all and this was the case here as well. Our carry-ons were stowed in the flight attendents little cubby. 

Someone was in our seat so we moved over. Su wasn't too happy because instead of an aisle and middle seat we had an window and middle seat. She was worried about getting up to pee. It turned out to not be a problem. 

The lady next to me had a bag full of goodies and she munched on them throughout the flight. They were pungent but not offputting. Now just an interesting memory. We made good time and got to Boston early but neither of us had slept much. 

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Los Angeles International Airport
photo by: fearlessflyer82