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Our day is not over by a longshot. We're off to Mount Rushmore. A few months back I had seen a list of top places to seein the world and I was staggeringly lacking in the US dept. Mt Rushmore was on that list and I hadn't yet seen it. ON my bucket list it went, and I'm happy to say it was crossed off timely. 

It was a few hours from Carhenge to Mount Rushmore and I think I might have take a sideways route. NO matter, we arrived and parked and ohhed and awed. There was actually a fire in Wyoming on the other side of the hill and it lent an odd overcast light to it. It was actually quite pretty. It was close to sunset and all of it just made the view wonderful. 

We walked down the state flags (totally missing California by the way, it was towards the front) and then stood in awe.

Its one of those things that you look at and it looks fake. Its so impressive. Mount Rushmore is iconic, something I've seen pictures of my entire life, but to stand in front of it and witness. That is a tremendous luxury. 

All good things must come to an end and we had to leave. I took a wrong turn at the exit (sigh) and ended up going the wrong way... next thing you know I"m speeding down the mountain side and a highway patrolman is pulling me over. He takes all of our identification and has me come and sit in his car with him. He asked 20 questions about where I'm coming from, where I'm going and who I'm with. I'm shaking and already figure I'm getting a hefty ticket when he rips off the slip and hands me a warning. PHEW!

Then he brings my brother to his car and verifies all my information. Happy point: Neither my brother nor I have any outstanding warrants. Always good to know. 

I finally get turned around and we are on our way again. 

Its time to drive drive drive again. We make it to Wyoming and pass the fire that so elequently highlighted the monument. and finally stop for the night somewhere in Wyoming. 

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Mount Rushmore
photo by: mrgishi