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Hi there, welcome to my Molveno travelblog. 

Although my holiday is still 5 months away, I'm already having a lot of fun with planning the trip.

To be honest, I've never booked an hotel so early, but with Molveno you don't have much choice if you want a reasonalbe priced hotel. An hotel yes. Because of an injured knee I'm not able to go camping which is so much more fun than being in an hotel, especially when you travel alone.  The thing is, I can do everything with my knee, exept - since a few years - leaning/sitting on it. And since when camping you sit on your knee quit often, it's not an option anymore.

But it's no use sobbing about it, I'll have a good time anyway and make the most of hotels and their hospitallity.

So where was I. Ah yes, why Molveno.

Because I've just started travelling since 2004 I haven't seen much of the world yet. And that's a personal goal right there: see more of the world. So if that's a personal goal, why go back to Molveno, where I have been so many times already? Well, the answer is quit simple. Molveno is my ZEN place on earth (up until now anyways).  By chance I'm able to visit Molveno for a full week. So I decided to go there one more time and drown myself in all the beauty and peace of this wonderful town and its surroundings before I extend my travelhorizon.

Does this mean that after this summer I will never go back there? No! I'm certain I will return there in the future, but the necessity will be gone. So Molveno 2012 will be sort of a closure summerholiday in a way I guess. Might sound lame, but there it is.

Anyways. So this is my travelblog to Molveno 2012. I'll be staying in Hotel Lido, near the towncentre. Up untill my trip there, I will blog about the town and my roadtrip to Molveno and the grand detour through new countries back home.


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photo by: Labottes