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My inspiration today

It has been almost two weeks now since I registered at travbuddy.com . Full of ambition to become triple bedbug, quadruple community leader, upload five thousand pictures and share virtually every travel memory that I have, with this wonderful community here.

And now it happened to me. I am sitting behind my computer, haven’t slept much for five nights in a row, had to work in between, my laundry is piling up in my bathroom, my washing machine broke down, my fridge is empty, it’s snowing outside, and I don’t seem to manage to get any blog done.

I have been strolling through old travel notes to get inspiration. There are just too many of them. I have dug up old photo albums and spent last night going through all this nostalgia. Too much work to scan all that.

The village in France where i left my USB-stick... hopefully

And I just discovered that my USB-stick with many of my recent travel photo’s must still be on a desk in the house of a friend in France, where I was two weeks ago to talk to her plants and to inspect the renovation work that was done in her absence. Well, I hope my USB is still there and didn’t get lost on the train ride. But she is travelling long time, it is too far to go check it out myself, so I won’t know for the next couple of weeks!

No matter how I try, I can’t get a meaningful piece of text on paper. All I do is realizing that tomorrow is saturday, there is snow and ice all around, so there is all the opportunity to shoot great pictures, hopefully.

But not now, it is not the weather to get out. So let’s try TV then. No way that I can concentrate on a movie a series, or even the news.

got to have a plan
Getting groceries? Nah, it’s too cold. Buying a new washing machine online? Well, then I have to get into those boring consumer websites first to make a choice which one I want to buy.

Too many things that I need to do and which are way overdue. There are too many things on my mind to even concentrate on reading a blog or a review, let alone writing one. I was supposed to work a few more hours today, but I could not even get myself to finish that report for my customer. I feel like I have better things to do, but I just don’t know what. I kept wondering.

And then it suddenly dawned on me: this must be writer’s block!

So now I have my diagnosis, and it is time for a plan. For sure, all of those things that I need to do, I won’t do any of them tomorrow.

really cold
I will drive out to shoot some pictures of the winter scenery here. Then I will go somewhere just for a hot cup of pea soup with smoked sausage, our most famous winter dish. I may make a picture of it, or I may not. If I feel like it, yes. Then I may have a foot massage in Chinatown, or I may visit my sister and will finish one of the bottles of St. Emilion with her, that I still have here.

At some point in the weekend I will be back here again. And then I will write. That’s the deal that I just made with myself. So if anyone wonders where are my updates on winter in Holland or why didn’t I post any other writing…

Well, so sorry guys, I am going to sit out (and actually enjoy) my writer’s block. At least for tomorrow, but I will be back!

P.S. Well, now it is tomorrow, sun is out and I am on my way out too!!!

Have a nice weekend all of you... wherever you are!

Chokk says:
Well - I enjoyed this :D

I always start with the reviews - then the memories start to come back and the blog is on the roll.
Posted on: Feb 11, 2012
ujb021 says:
hahaa.. u're funny! U're blog is still great even when u r having a writer's block ^_^
Posted on: Feb 05, 2012
westwind57 says:
It has disappeared indeed Ils, and fast! Hope you have a great Sunday, thanks for your comments! :)
Posted on: Feb 04, 2012
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My inspiration today
My inspiration today
The village in France where i left…
The village in France where i lef…
got to have a plan
got to have a plan
really cold
really cold
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