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We left Jill's early, but what else is new? We woke up way earlier on this trip than I ever did for classes.  We drove clear across Kansas and a third of Colorado! We got lost heading into Kansas and wound up in Topeka-oops. We listened to AM radio, which was entertaining to say the least. First we listened to some guy talking VERY intently about plants of all types, including flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. He went on to say the proper way to plant shrubs and urged listeners to call in with any plant related questions or comments. He got old after awhile, so we turned to what turned out to be the quote of the road trip. Some man was talking about news overseas, technology, and so on in a deep voice that reminded me of FDR's fireside chats. He told us "The tables have turned in the Middle East...and Asia is EATING OUR LUNCH". It was hilarious and quite nonsensical.
We stopped for lunch in Salina, Kansas (where Kim Novak's character from Vertigo is from!) and Matt ordered a chicken-fried steak. A chicken-fried steak is probably the most disgusting dish known to mankind and I challenged him to a chicken-fried steak eating contest one day, but only if it was covered in an inch of gravy as his was. One day this contest really WILL happen, I guarentee it.  We played frisbee in a rest stop that is the geographic center of the United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded)- pretty cool. We finally made it to my roommate Marissa's house in Golden, Colorado, right outside of Denver. It is beautiful there and so much fun! Plus it was great to see my roommate after all of 4 days without her.
WaltJake says:
haha, regarding your "quote of the trip"...several years ago, I was in California on my first cross country trip with my best friend Lee. A radio commercial was advertising some green, Earth-friendly festival that was going on...and finished by saying, "Plus, the whole shabang will be powered by, solar collectors!" I don't know if it was his use of the word "shabang", or his high pitched excited voice saying it that struck us as funny...but to this day, whenever someone talks about some kind of event or fair, one of us will tend to say that!
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
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