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The region I was in is not exactly tourist country. I growing residential community is a few miles on way, and a growing industrial park is up the other. The restaurant seelctions are limited (as evidenced by the fact that I ate at Hooters the night before) and the 'Things to Do' list is (as of 2009) non-exitant.

I learned the dangers of Google Maps. It showed me a valid public transport route from the airport to here, and where my hotel was. It even showed me where my client was located and gave me walking directions.

What it failed to mention was that 1.2 miles out of the 1.1 mile trip would be up a hill with a roughly 35% incline. This was compounded by the  fact that the client had failed to bother to inform us that they were in the middle of moving offices, so they address they gave us was wrong and I would have to climb up another 3/4 of a mile to get there. Yay!

On the plus side, I'm really good at my job and managed to get most of the two days worth of work done in the first 4 hours. The only reason I couldn't complete it all was because the customer was not ready. This would make the next day easier, as I wouldn't have to lug all my stuff back up the hill, just myself.

After dinner, I spent the better part of the evening browsing the Internet, because there wasn't anything else to do. That's ok though, as I had lots of plans for the next few days to look forward to.

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