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I woke up early to a slightly less gray day than I'd seen so far. Seems like everyday starts out that way in San Diego.

With a last day on my trip at hand, and a big chunk of cash yet to recoup on my Go San DIego card (I payed 120$ for it, and so far had only used it for about 75$ worth of attractions. I had a choice between one big attraction or several smaller ones. The only big atraction didn't really interested me too much, but the interesting smaller ones would require a lot more running around and sounded like a lot of extra work. Ultimately, laziness won the field, and I decided to go with the bigger attraction: Seaworld.

Ultimately, I didn't like it very much.

This isn't a statement on the quality of the attraction, which was great. Lots of things to see and do and experience... if you are really into fish and sea life. Which I'm not. I do try (after all, I made the concious decision to go to Seaworld instead of somewhere else) but that doesn't mean it will work. While I really enjoyed some parts of it (the clear tunnel under the shark pool stnds out) the rest of it didn't really suit my tastes. I can't stress enough how this is a personal opinion and not a statement of quality... if you think that you would like Seaworld, you probably will.

I spent about 4 hours there and then decided to think about heading back. I needed to stop off at Old Town. On the one hand, I wanted to get some pictures of the places that we had visited with the ghost tour the previous evening.

I'd brought along my little camera the night before and most of the hots had not turned out, so I brought my real camera this time. Not expecting to see any ghosties, just wanting to get some pictures of the places to help me remember the tour. The other thing I wanted was pick up some little gifts for families and friends. Candy always works, so I stopped at that shop I'd visted the day before, and also stopped at an openair craft market although most of the stuff there was too fragile to try to cram into my carryon. Another day perhaps.

I took a last look around Old Town. I really liked it there. With all teh hustle and bustle among the old buildings, I got these odd burst of thoughts that this is what it must have looked like on festival days in the early years of the city, when all the farmers from the outlying area come to town... except with less cellphones. I considered trying to get something to eat, but it being SUnday evening everything was packed and I had to have an early evening. I went back to the hotel and tried ot plan dinner from there. The only thing that was close that applealed to me(barely) was a Cheesecake Factory.  I went there and had a mediocre meal and then headed back to the hotel to pack. The next morning, it ws up bright and early for the travel back home.


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San Diego
photo by: Sunflower300