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I woke up too early the next morning (still running on east cost time) and looked outside. Rain was coming down. Not too hard, but enough that I wouldn't want to by standing around in it all day. I would have to find things to do indoors. I spent about an hour browsing the web getting a few directions and formulating some plans. A quick breakfast at the hotel resto followed by a shower and I was on my way. 

It was grey and raining and looked like ti was here to stay. I took a brisk walk over to the light rail station and bought a pass that would get me on any bus or light rail for the next three days. I caught the line running into the city and got off at Union Station/Santa Fe Depot. It's a beautiful train station built nearly 100 years ago and worth a look see if you are in the area.

JUst pout the southern exit and down towards the water is the Visitor Information Ceneter, and I stopped there and picked up a two day Go SanDiego card. For 120$ (2009), this card would get me free access to a bunch of things and discounts on a bunch of others.  By the end of the trip, It ended up saving me 10$, but if I tried harder it could have saved me alot more.

As it had been a bit busy it was about 20 minutes before I came out of the information booth thingy. The rain was noticbly lighter, but the sky was still gray and unpleasent looking. I decided that I would make my first stop the USS Midway. Who am a I kidding... it was one of my first plans since finding out I would be in Sand Diego.

The Midwat was great (I wrote a review.

) I loved looking opff of the deck of an aircraft carrier across to the the naval base and seeing another couple of carriers there. It felt very surreal. I also liked the fact that I went below decks of about 2 1/2 hours and when I came out, the sky was blue and the sun had already mostly dried the the ground.

It was about 1:30 when I hopped on a bus that took me down to Balboa Park. My next plan was to check out the San Diego Air and Space Museum (see review below) which took a lot less time than I thought it would. After that, I decided to check out the Automotive Museum that was right next door. It turned out to be much more to my liking (which suprised me, as I am nore interested in planes than I am trains.)

By that time, all of the museums were shutting down in the park so I strolled through the central square on the way to the bus.

Although a lovely area, with beautifiully old building, fountains and reflecting pools and flower beds, it is marred by the prescence of roads and the multitude of street and warbning signs that that entails. It realy ruins and otherwise picture perfect old world elegence. I don't entirely understand the logic behind having a green space and then putting parking lots and roads in it. Otherwise, Balboa park is a template every city should strive to follow.

I hopped on a bus out of dodge and ended up back sdowntown. Stopped for dinner at a forgetable restaurant and then headed back to my room for the evening.

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