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Ready to go!

All trips we’ve made so far have been special. Our travels kept on showing us different parts of the world, and nearly everything we experienced had been new and interesting. But some trips, or better said: destinations, are even more special, often because we know beforehand that we are entering more unknown areas that haven’t been visited by millions of other travellers before us.    

We are on a plane on our way to Mongolia (with a lot of turbulence!) and although we do not exactly know what to expect from a trip through this fairly unknown country, it is very clear that we won’t be able to compare this to a trip to any other country we ever visited.

Apart from the capital, Mongolia barely has any urban areas. The infrastructure is just about non-existent and most Mongolians still live as nomads in traditional tents, which are called gers. We’ll be staying in special ger camps for tourists and with nomad families during our trip, and I expect some interesting challenges in the sanitary department.

I’ve packed a special urination device for women  ( for when we’ll be on the road all day so I can pie standing up, just like men do. Reason for this is that I’ve read there are no trees or bushes to hide behind in Mongolia, so in order to prevent seriously awkward situations, I got a thing called a ‘Whiz’.

Another challenge will be the food. I have been a vegetarian for over ten years, but since the Mongolian kitchen barely knows any vegetables because there is hardly any agriculture, I’ve been training my stomach and bowels to handle beef for a week or two now. I will be eating meat while I am in Mongolia, not because it may or may not be impossible to eat without meat in Mongolia, but mainly because I do not wish to be some spoiled westerner who refuses food nomad families have cooked for me while I am staying with them. There are moments when you just have to adjust, and this is one of them.

After a stopover in Moscow, we’ll continue on a flight to Ulaan Batar. I can’t wait to explore this unique country!

nolan says:
Just read the whole blog only now. Very well written, thank you!
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012
Liselore_Verschuren says:
Thanks everybody! :)
Posted on: Apr 21, 2012
bernard69 says:
congrats on your today feature:)
Posted on: Apr 19, 2012
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Ready to go!
Ready to go!
photo by: eefab