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Haha! Oh wow! Here I was thinking SIN would be sterile and kind of lame!  Well, well, well, how wrong could a girl be!? Upon first arrival sure it seems that way, I mean, my fisherman pants have never felt so alien in an airport! Changi
is like walking through a high-end shopping district! I was so distracted by the shops and free internet that I got lost within my first 5 minutes! I finally found customs and continued on with a renewed sense of confidence but
was lost again in less than a minute! Swear to God, I must have looked like the biggest numpty wandering around with a goofy grin and no shame in laughing out loud to myself! So I managed to get myself onto a shuttle bus with windows you could barely see through partly due to the external print and partly because of
the torrential rain outside. The highways didn’t give me a lot of faith in SIN as an enjoyable place to be but finally we got to a street with very Asian-esque building, which was exciting until we quite obviously landed in
Little India where Troy had recommended and my hotel was located. Totes overshadowed any effect the Asian-esque street had had! I think Little India should be renamed Big India! I’ve never seen so many Indian pople in my life
and by ‘people’ I really mean ‘men!’ I saw 4 women between my hotel and getting on the train. So weird. No one could tell me where all the women were!

So my excitement deepened on the drive to Moon Hotel. The air between the shuttle bus and hotel door was thick with the smell of Chinese food. When I got to the door a receptionist ran to open it for me and when he opened it he said
‘welcome to the Moon!’ Haha! So cool! I totes busted out with ‘I always thought it would be dustier than this!’ He gave me a polite laugh, which was enough to satisfy me! Anyway, the next words that came out of his mouth were ‘Do you like fireworks? You’ll need to go to China Town for NY.’ I’m like ‘but that isn’t for 2 days’ ‘No, it’s tonight!’ I couldn’t stop squealing ‘Ahhhh! This is so great! What a surprise! You know I was told it was in 2 days and I’d been disappointed I’d miss it! This is so great!!!’ and so on and so forth lol. I got to my room and kept squealing because the room is schmick, hey. Kind of confusing in its simplistic-chic, door handle-less design though! Took me a few
minutes to figure out how to access the bath that was seemingly locked up in an airtight glass tank!

After I was all squealed out I took my goofy grin and shameless LOLing up the road to the train station where I blurted out every question I had in an excited frenzy assuming everyone would easily understand me. I was met with a
number of blank stares though I’m not sure if they were due to a lack of English or shock at the one girl in a 10km radius taking the time to speak to them! Either way, I managed to get to China Town in time for fireworks that were almost directly above me but beyond the bridge in my line of vision and a new bout of torrential rain. Thankfully, my ‘welcome to the moon’ Martian threw me an umbrella as I left the hotel so my camera stayed mostly dry. Not that I
needed it. I got about 3 different photos and watched the works (which lasted all of a minute!) in the reflection of a nearby building. You should have seen the looks on people’s faces. Looks of confusion and ‘really, that’s it!?’
reigned supreme! According to the guy in the food joint I’m atthere’s a better celebration on the 25th but I’ll be goneski that morning. So after an anticlimactic though somewhat dramatic CNYE I decided to get my first taste of Asia in a very long time. Trying to get around the barricades I found a food joing with Curry Fish Head as the first option on the menu. My head said ‘fuck it, why not?’ and my legs agreed and carried me to the counter. Turns out they were only selling the premade food so I settled for duck feet and a big slab of tofu instead. Didn’t think too much about my selection (although shit did get crazy and I threw a drizzle of chilli sauce over my steamed rice!) as I usually have chicken feet at Yum Cha anyway BUT it wasn’t until upon closer inspection that I remembered that ducks have webbed feet!! So weird! Thankfully, though, it all goes down the same...Next I ordered a Tiger beer because when in Rome and all that and I needed an excuse to sit and writed this (I’d already slowed my eating and endured cold webbed
feet to update you lot! :p) Unfortunately they brought me 633mL (I wonder how accurate that very specific value is…) of beer!it wasn’t until ½ way through that I remembered how much I’d needed to pee before I even sat down to by plate of webbed skin and bean curd! Bad timing much! So now I need to find a toilet and see if the trains are still running. If they aren’t, I think I’ll walk from China to India though it looks so damn far on the map! In the meantime I’m going to sit here and let my tastebuds go head to head with my hips as to whether or not I should save a steamed pork bun (personal fave!) from the shelf and inevitable dumping that will occur in 33 minutes when they close!

I can’t believe I felt so flat about travelling today! I’ve now been in SIN for 4 1/2hrs and all it does is turn my lips into a goofy grin, make my eyes appear delirious and make my vocal chords reverberate into little giggles and gasps at
almost everything! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Later that night...

…And then, at the end of the night when all is said and done – you’ve walked into the dodgy alley and rejected the unlit women’s toilets to use the dimly lit men’s with no toilet paper or dispensers (!?) the tastebuds have kicked your growing hips’ arse and you have made new Singaporean friends and left them to catch the 2am NYE train special and you’ve walked through the backstreets of Little India past the homeless while making a promise in your heart
to go back that way tomorrow to see how they go by daylight – there is nothing left to do but go back to your hotel, tell your Moon Martian all about your night, put on your Moon robe and complimentary Moon slippers and then JUMP ON THE AWARD WINNING PLATFORM BED WITH MICROFIBRE UNDERLAY WOOOOOT!!

Good night and Happy New Year!!!


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