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I'm waiting to board and have only really just started getting excited about my trip. Sad, I know! But it didn't hit me until I went through customs and Naomi, the lady who served me told me that Cambodia is her favourite
country because the people are amazing. Then she told me a story about a man with no legs who sits by a river in Phnom Penh selling bracelets with country names on them. He didn’t have any with Australia on them so she said she’d be back in the morning if he’d make her one. She went back and sure enough there he was hanging onto hers awaiting her return! What a beautiful story THEN I went and exchanged my money for SGD and USD. I finally have a **One Dollar Bill** in my hot little hands! I don’t know why that is so significant to me.  Probably because of TV *and* it’s paper *and* it’s green! Well actually there’s more yellow on it than green. On one side it says ‘In God We Trust’ (really, America!?) and on the other side is George Washington looking not so much happy to be immortalised on America’s most affordable bill as concerned, possibly about the economy of his great nation! Anyway, the notes smell really…papery, I guess but it is such a strong scent I can smell it even when I’m not sniffing it. (Yes, I am grateful to be writing this as I sniff the note, thus avoiding any awkward stares from possibly EVERYONE around me!)

Anywho, first stop Singapore! About to board. XX.

PS Got to experience the Darwin Wet this arvo. Muggy but better than a/c.

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photo by: Sunflower300