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Green Gables
Of course the whole point of coming here to PEI was to pay homage to that great author, love of my childhood, Lucy Maud Montgomery and her fabulous creation, Anne Shirley. 

Yesterday the weather was grey & blowy, but in fact it just made it feel all the more like PEI (it's never perfect weather for Anne).  We headed straight to the heart of it all and visited Green Gables itself.  It's a cute little house that was actually owned by LMM's cousins, and she regularly visited there and loved it and based her books on it.  It's all very tastefully done with a limited visited centre, and just small signs etc around the site, and the house is full of either original or period-appropriate furniture.  You can even take a stroll down what LMM called "Lovers' Lane", and also through her "Haunted Wood".
"Lover's Lane"

Then we headed over to the site of her grandparents' house where she grew up - the house is no longer there, but the scenery that inspired her is still impressive. 

There were many many Anne sites that we chose to avoid - it certainly is a major tourist attraction here.  We have, however, come at a great time as the season is basically over - there aren't many people around, and in fact a lot of places close down in the next few weeks (some already have).  We decided to skip Avonlea Village - a recreated village with wagon rides and actors and various other corny things.  We also bypassed the other various Anne-named theme parks and stores and attractions. 

It ended up being a pretty horrible night weather-wise, so we cheated on the camping and stayed in a little cottage instead - there are cottages everywhere on the island, it seems to be the accommodation of choice.
The Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home
  Because it's the end of season and no one else is here, it was really about the same price as staying in a hostel, and we had a 2-bedroom cottage where we could lounge around and take baths and keep safe from the raging rain! 

Today we continued the Anne pilgrimage and went to the Anne of Green Gables Museum, which is another relative-owned house LMM enjoyed visiting, and based some of her other novels on (she called it "Silver Bush").  It also overlooks what she called the Lake of Shining Waters, and is where she was married, and it was full of various things she had owned etc. 

The afternoon was spent in Charlottetown, wandering the streets, drinking coffee, visiting the Anne of Green Gables Store and various other spots.
"Silver Bush"
  And in the evening... we saw "Anne of Green Gables - The Musical"!  Yes, it's true.  Apparently Canada's longest-running musical (although not sure how they decide that - it's produced every summer as part of the Charlottetown Festival, but it doesn't run contintually all year). 

It's hard to decide whether it was fabulously bad or just fabulous - either way I loved it!  It was a bit corny, and the songs weren't amazing, but it was sweet and fun, and well worth watching!!
Danielle19 says:
I will get to PEI one day!!! I too loved Anne of Green Gables.. it has alway been my dream to go there!!
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
ienjoybeingagirl says:
I have always wanted to visit PEI because I love Anne of Green Gables too! I'm glad you had such a good time :-)
Posted on: Sep 13, 2007
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Green Gables
Green Gables
Lovers Lane
"Lover's Lane"
The Site of L.M. Montgomerys Cave…
The Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cav…
Silver Bush
"Silver Bush"
photo by: perfektewelle