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The plane taking me to Doha, Qatar

I was ready to travel again, only for 10 days but I was really looking forward to the trip. I was leaving Copenhagen during Thursday morning from Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen Airport) to Doha where I had planned to stay over night. It would be first time there for me and I could not wait to feel so heat in my body again after being in Scandinavia’s cold.

After my night in Doha, Qatar I was heading for Hong Kong and Macau for the first time; it would absolutely be great. I had loved my stays in Beijing and Shanghai and I was expecting some of the same feeling from especially Hong Kong. Both Hong Kong and Macau had been stuck in my mind since childhood when I read loads of adventurous books about the Opium Wars and so fort.

I went to the airport in good time; for maybe the first time ever I had managed to pack the evening before but I am also trying to be lighter traveller. I was going to fly with Qatar Airlines for the first time and it was actually the only reason that I was going. 7 weeks earlier I had gotten an email from them about a heavy discount on their flights and it had been so interesting that I just booked after checking my calendar. The only thing I knew about them was the fact that they were voted airliner of the world for economy passengers in 2011, which sounded good.

The check-in went extremely easy they had a service that was formidable, especially since I was flying economy. They had at least 6 or 8 check-in counters open and it took not even 5 minutes before I was finished. The service at the counter was also far from what I experience in my weekly flights and I was called a customer for the first time and not a passenger; it actually made a difference.

Doha was naturally their home base and super hub for all their long distance carriers and they have a system with color-coding the boarding passes and hand luggage tags. For transfers at Doha airport you get either an orange (short transfers) or yellow (long transfers) if you are getting of in Doha you get like I a blue one (final destination Doha).

The gate leaving from Copenhagen Airport was C 29 and I was in good time due to the fast check-in procedure. They boarded the plane 50 minutes before take off in zones and it went pretty smooth. I had a window seat as always and I was ready for a 6 hours flight taking off at 11.20 am. The plane left on time and I was happily on my way to Doha for the first time.

The service on the plane was great, the stewards and stewardesses where friendly and smile quite aware of even the small details. The food during the flight was good too; during our short flight we were given drinks and two meals; one being 3 courses and one light meal. The chairs were okay but with the snatch on my seat that there were a box under the seat in front of me so I could not stretch my one leg and that was quite annoying. I had that experience on all 4 legs of my trip and that was quite irritating.

The entertainment was functioning from take off to landing which I really appreciate; there is no reason that it has to be closed 45 minutes before landing as its done on some airlines (SAS). The entertainment offer was not the best I had seen but there were some new movies, but being a more multinational airline there offering contained movies from everywhere with loads of Indian movies too. I later found out that they showed the same movies both ways and I even ended up watching Saturday Night Fever because there wasn’t a better movie offer.

We landed in the dark of Doha only 5 hours later; the jet-streams had really been on our side and it was 1 hour before schedule and as I was getting off I was pretty happy for the extra hour. 

Chokk says:
Thank you - I was doing my best ;D
Posted on: Feb 28, 2012
Hummingbird says:
You have taken so many great night shots here!! :)
Posted on: Feb 28, 2012
Chokk says:
I did, Abigail - and I will be back ;D
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012
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The plane taking me to Doha, Qatar
The plane taking me to Doha, Qatar
photo by: the_bill