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It seemed like was not going to happen today, the beginning of a new trip. A short vacation to Cameroon, which would be my first time trip to sub-saharan Africa.

I would meet my brother-in-law (my travel partner, he is originally from there) at the airport, but on the road the thick fog was not exactly promising much good. Yes, I managed to get my car to the long term parking on time. And yes, he and my sister were at the airport too. The flight to Paris, where we would change flights for Douala, was still on the "departure" screen, so we decided to drop off our baggage.

Then the long waiting and uncertainty started. The "expected departure time" was delayed and delayed. Now it said departure within half an hour. But How could that be, there was not even a plane at the gate yet. All flights were delayed or cancelled. At the information desks, the queues were immense. Through the windows, you could hardly see 50 meters away through the fog.

We decided to just have coffee and wait and see. Out of boredom (I did not expect any result) I tried to call the number on my old KLM frequent flyer card.  And to my enormous surprise I managed to get through.

I was advised that we would never make the connection in Paris CdG airport for the flight to Africa today, so we had two choices: we could wait in the airport and see of we could still make it to Paris (and stay in a hotel there), or we could go back home. The baggage was labeled through, so we did not have to worry, the friendly lady told me.

We had found out that the fog was expected to only get worse, so we gave up and went back home... Meaning, getting the car back from the long term parking where it had been not-such-a-long-term, I would drop off my travel partner at his home, and then I would try to buy a shaver and toothbrush somewhere on the way, because my toiletries were, you already guess it... in my baggage.

Since it was a sunday today and sine I live in a quite conservative part of the country... fat chance that I could buy anything! An extra toothbrush I still had, but a shaver, forget it.

Well, so far for our first attempt...

bigmac993 says:
Oh, I have been there and remember the frustration!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2013
silirat says:
Congrats on the featured blog!

I love how a plan can be on time even when it's already late. It's magical. ;)
Posted on: Jan 30, 2012
monky says:
Congrats on this featured blog Jacques! nice one well done:)
Posted on: Jan 30, 2012
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