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The last couple of days have been very busy! Yesterday when I arrived I was met at the airport by family, they were very helpful and showed me the bus route home, and introduced me to Carey my neighbour for the month who took me out and about in Mong Kok. As it was Chinese New Year it was extraordinarily busy I’m told, we quite literally queued for miles! They say nobody queues like the Brits but I can assure you that if colonial Rule taught the Chinese anything it was how to wait in line patiently.You can see a video of the market we queued for below, the vendors have the most forward approach to selling too, literally stood on the bamboo structures yelling and chanting about their wares. A little further a long is where I spent the Countdown to the New Year, due to the queuing and very little room it didn’t feel like much of a celebration, I’d imagine it was a similar experience to waiting in the queue outside for a club in the UK, in say Liverpool, because it is difficult to understand everyone there too, and hearing the countdown from outside. That said it was a very enjoyable night and good to meet Carey and her friends too.

Mong Kok Chinese New Year Market

After some much needed sleep I decided to take in some of Hong Kong on my own, since everybody has been spending time with their families as part of the New Year tradition. Before leaving I thought it would be cool to play football with people in Hong Kong and Australia and in any other country I get to visit before I head back to the UK. I haven’t managed this yet but I did get to do the next best thing and that was watch South China play against Shimuzu S Pulse in the Asian Challenge Cup Semi Final at the HK stadium, the ticket was 180HKD about £15 and considering Nottingham Forest have been charging £30 or there abouts back home I got more than my monies worth, the highlight was a cracking volley from one of the S Pulse players afters some football that Barcelona would be proud of, If I can find a video I’ll post it up but in the meantime here is a picture from the stands:

I really need to get better at photography, I blame the fact that I'm scared of looking like a tourist, although I think I should get used to that in HK

The first thing I noticed about the stadium was how well it seemed to flow design wise, with large wide ramps that lead up to the mid and upper tier stands with terraces behind the stands in open air, a much better design than the stadiums in the UK that are full to the brim undercover and stink or urine from the poorly maintained toilets….No not just Nottingham Forest!

After the game I had a look around Causeway bay, on foot, I’ll probably take the tram next time to see more but as I was on my own I decided just to wander about aimlessly for a while, all I can say was I wish I had more money, If all goes well in Oz I’m definitely heading back here for a weekend shopping trip, put off by everything I wanted but couldn’t afford I decided to check out Wan Chai, again just for a wonder as I didn’t fancy a late night, by the looks of things I’ll be spending one or two nights there in the coming month as it seems fairly lively although there maybe one or two too many clubs that are hidden behind a heavy black curtain with some experienced looking women attempting to lure people in for my liking. Tomorrow night I am heading for Lang Kwai Fong, a bit more upmarket I’ve been told, although that might dent the funds a bit, I will be sure to write down which bus and where to catch it before I head out I think, don’t worry mother.

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