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Sitting in the airport with a few hours to wait until the gate opens has made me realised how under prepared I am for this ‘trip’, I’ve managed to get here so early because even airports fill me with apprehension, I’ve never flown on my own before and have only ever flown 3 times, so I’m sitting here quietly confident that things are sorted, waiting for that anxiety to return again as I realise which gate I’ll have to dash for when it opens.

I’ve highlighted the word ‘trip’ in inverted commas, something that usually really winds me up although I think the fact that I don’t really know what to call this journey, move, trip etc sort of warrants there use.

To put this in context for those that don’t know me and probably for some that do, I’m heading to Hong Kong for a month and then on to Sydney, Australia for if I’m honest I don’t know how long. I have been planning the HK part of this trip for a little while, made possible by a family member who has kindly let me stay in her apartment for the duration of my stay there. The Australian leg of the journey hasn’t really been planned; the power of overdrafts and being lucky enough to have a £320 STA travel voucher afforded me the opportunity to be impulsive. Due to the HK trip I had decided that I would probably have to quit my job at the kart circuit I managed, this was done with a very heavy heart but deep down I knew I needed to ‘stop the rot’.

Armed with a degree in town planning, a Working Holiday Visa, and not really much else I’m hoping to start a bit of an adventure. This blog could go on for a few months or a few years all dependent on where £0 and the desire and work ethic to start a new life takes me.

For the record I’m serious about the £0 thing, by the time I land in Sydney I will probably have less than £0 in UK money so I really need to hit the ground running.

Leaving all my friends and family behind is starting to hit home, and I’d like to thank my family and friends for making such a massive effort for my farewell surprise party, it really has made me wonder ‘what am I doing?’ The answer to that though is challenging myself in a way that I haven’t done for a long while, leaving it all to impulse has definitely helped. If I had stopped for even a moment, laid everything out in front of me and made a decision based on whether or not this was financially viable or a reasonable risk to take I’d probably be presenting a drivers briefing before a karting event at this moment in time.

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photo by: sweettangerine