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(please note, i wrote this just after i arrived.. apart from the first two paragraphs.. but all the other blogs thay i'll do will be done in the past-tence)

So, I got of the plane and i remember my arse hadn't hurt that much since i got out of the cinema after seeing the epically long film 'Titanic', im not too sure but i think that film was also 20 odd hours long or did it just feel like that??

anyways, jet-lag was a killer first five days i was asleep at 5-6pm but awake at 5-6am, which didnt help but i had my ipod full of Lennon-McCartney melodies to keep me occupied as i walked along the beach front, something that Lincoln (where i live) sadly misses!! 

anyways, i sleep on a floor in a tiny apartment but our back garden is a beach (Which is where i walk ^^) which is cool, I live in Double Bay and it is often reffered to as 'Double Pay' but didn't really see why untill i walked through a little mall to the John LEnnon art shop which i walked around open-mouthed and as i came out saw a lovely pair of boots in the window!! i investigated this and not only did the shoes cost $2,000 but he also gave me a shoe horn, i dont think im common but what the hell is a shoe horn?? didn't have a clue what i was doing!?!? and as i sat there wondering A) how do i work a shoe horn and B) how the hell much is $2,000?? i couldnt help but glaze around at the prices, and the pair i was trying on was relatively CHEAP (Like the budgie!) and thought this is why it's called 'Double Pay'.. anyway, once i figured out how much $2,000 was (they were just shy of a grand) i ran quite fast back to the John Lennon artshop!!

I live a 5 minute walk away from the church where Elton John married his first (i think) missus (before he knew he was gay) and about a 3 minute walk from the hotel where michael hutchence killed himself (how nice) i shop at Woolworths which is like Asda's not the Wolly's I big-grudginaly admire, in England (and wish Lincoln still had for the pick 'n' mix). It's pretty busy place and i've been lost lot's and lot's but the people are very friendly!!

There is a beach down the road call seven shillings beach which is ace (my favurite place, been there 3 times, in 2 days.. very peacful) and they sell an ace chicken and advacado and mayo sandwhich, which is ace and then you walk down the stairs to the beach where you can watch people swim next to the big gate to keep sharks away!!

I went to Palmatta today where John Macarthur's (credited for starrting to Australian Wool industry) big farm is, it's very nice but Palmatta is a wee bit of a scum hole and it had three Maccy D's which are the only three I've seen (I stress so far). the farm was interesting he was an interesting chap and had a breakdown and i lay on his bed where he went nuts which i thought was kinda cool. Apparantly this is the oldest building built my a European in Australia, still standing, and it's only form the late 1800's ha ha, there is so little Aussie history compared to England it's just weird!!

Haven't really done the touristy things you see on TV but i went for a run this morning went through King's Cross and the Royal Botanic gardens (where there were huge bats) and then i ran twice a round the opera house!! it was very very hot seeing as though this is there winter!! i got awful lost finding the opera house and was running for a bout 2 hours!! because i was lost!! especially through King's Cross, and I never pictured Sydney with hill's but there are millions it;s very hilly i ran up them and nearly died..

oh i went to Balmain for a coffee which has been my favourite like suburb type place so far and Palmatta my least... It's an ace city and if like me are worried about the Snakes and Spiders there are very few that I've seen, i hope it stays that way!!

Much Love to Everyone

TTFN, Boy's and Girls
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photo by: Sunflower300