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The Democracy Monument, pic taken outside McDonald's ;)

Landing safely and grabbing my backpack to run out of the airport (gotta love travelling light), I stumble upon to visa officials. As I haven't really bothered to check what I need to do in order to be granted a visa, I ask the officials and find out that Finnish nationalities do not need one. How convenient. Winning time, not to mention saving 1000 THB! So out I go. I have a choise to make: either to go down towards what seems like a public transportation platform and try to find a bus / train / something to take me to Khaosan or just to go out and wait for a cab driver to rob me blind. I'm usually very cautious with my euros, but after traveling for about 18 hours I don't really give a damn. So into a taxi and off to Khaosan Road I go. The taxi driver quite conveniently "forgets" to turn on the meter and asks if it's my first time in Bangkok.

Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang decorated with Christmas lights
I politely ask him to turn on the meter, mumble something about Bangkok - nobody wants to be the first timer - and start dozing off at the back seat.

After 45 minutes or so we've reached Khaosan, I've been robbed blind despite the meter (how DO they do that?), been left at the rear end of Khaosan without a clue where my hotel might be and... there I am. For the first time in Asia. All alone. A bit scared but strangely overpowered I start stopping people to ask for directions. Nobody seems to know the place. Finally I manage to spot the hotel signs over a gateway between two reasonably priced bucket bars. I already like it in here. A Dutch Travbuddy I've been messaging with is waiting for me at the reception of Dang Derm, but I need to make him wait a bit longer as after 18 hours of traveling a shower is all I can think about.

Parts of the Royal Palace Complex, I assume
After refreshing I find him at the same spot and we go to grab a bite to eat at one of Khaosan's restaurants. I taste my very first Thai green curry and I'm sold. I don't just like it in here, I feckin' love it in here!

After dinner it seems like a good idea to have a little stroll around the surroundings of Banglamphu district. Little did I know that besides hosting a backpacker land such as Khaosan, Banglamphu also hosts a top notch sightseeing area with the Royal Palace, museums, universities and fancy houses! In our "little" 2,5 hour walk we see the democracy monument, the Royal Palace nicely lit up, two different bridges crossing Chao Phraya river, a huge park and lots of little alleys in more local areas. Overall a very nice and rewarding walk. However my feet disagree - silly me wearing flip flops for a walking tour... Finally we reward ourselves for completing the city stroll by drinking beer until 6am. Seems that Khaosan never sleeps. I really REALLY love it in here!

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The Democracy Monument, pic taken …
The Democracy Monument, pic taken…
Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang decorat…
Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang decora…
Parts of the Royal Palace Complex,…
Parts of the Royal Palace Complex…
Parts of the Royal Palace Complex,…
Parts of the Royal Palace Complex…
A sneak peek ;)
A sneak peek ;)
My first elephants :)
My first elephants :)
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