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Who decided it was a good idea to take a walking tour smack dab in the middle of winter in Berlin? 


It didn't seem that cold, but fast forward 3.5 hours and every part of my body was numb. I'm not sure any amount of layering would have helped. Luckily, our guide was fantastic and made us forget the cold, stingy feeling in our feet. I will definitely be re-visiting some of the sites he showed us for a more in-depth look. 

And of course, since I spent all day outside, why not continue the trend at night? Tonight was Lange Nacht der Museens (Long night at the museum). A majority of Berlin's museums stay open until 2am on this one night of the year. The whole night cost 15 euros. Many of the museums have special exhibits just for this one night. I managed to take in 2 art galleries and the Planetarium! I'd say that was a lot considering I had walked all day. 

And guess what?! It snowed! It's funny -- I've had this idea in my head that Berlin has this sort of grey lense surrounding it, but as the day progressed, and the snow started coming down, I realised that Berlin is gorgeous. Fresh. Alive.

Berlin is very much in flux. It hasn't quite become what it will be. Yes, it has a history, but, at the same time, it's still writing it's history. That's what makes Berlin exciting ... and why we're drawn to it. 

Watch this video I found on Youtube. I'm calling it OPEN UP. Watch to the end. It's so worth it. 


Gute nacht

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photo by: CFD