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I suspect tonight may involve melatonin and an early, EARLY night. 

My travel day was flawless. All flights were on time and my connection time was minimal. I arrived in Berlin around 11:00am hardly feeling weary at all. Usually I would attack the public transportation right away, starting with the airport, but something in me just said "Take a taxi." Honestly, it was the best 40 euros spent. It was fast and I didn't have to struggle with my bags. Win. 

Checking in was easy. My room was ready and I was able to unpack and settle in. It's actually nice knowing that this is my place. There is no unpacking and re-packing. This is my residence, essentially, for the next 9 days. 

And when I saw a Miró print hanging right beside door No.

7, I knew I was in the right place.

I was hesitant to plan any sightseeing or activities for my arrival as I wasn't sure how I would feel. Today, I let my iPhone guide me. It lead me to 

Collection Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg otherwise known as Surreal Worlds. And trust me, although an iPhone lead me down this path , it's no coincidence I ended up there. This whole day has been painted delightfully with references to the Surrealists. Have you watched the newest Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris?" There's this great scene where Owen Wilson's character (having travelled back to Paris in the 1920's) tries to explain to 3 surrealists his conflict of being in love with a woman from a different era.

They see no problem; just a work of art waiting to happen. The movie is pretty good, but you have to appreciate Woody Allen to enjoy it. I enjoyed this movie for all depictions of the great artists of the 20's art scene in Paris. My favourite line is directed towards Pablo Picasso from Hemmingway. He points to him and says he's "good, but he's no Miró." A little bit later I watched a documentary on Frida Kahlo. So I end up at Surreal Worlds, fittingly. The highlight for me was a room dedicated solely to Max Klinger's "Fantasies About A Found Glove Dedicated To The Lady Who Lost It." I loved it. I went back to have a second look. Each drawing tells a story about the man, about the glove and about the unknown woman who lost it. After the gallery, I ran across the street to get some quick photos of Schlöss Charlottenburg. (I plan to spend much longer on a bother day). Berlin get's bitterly cold during winter nights!!! And now that I've sufficiently thawed out, it's time for me get that sleep I missed last night so I can start fresh tomorrow. After all tomorrow is Lange Nacht der Museen.

Starting to feel delirious! 

Gute nacht, 

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photo by: CFD