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Drizzle at patong 

02.22. pm i arrived at Phuket Airport, heavy rain just stop. Yes this trip was not in the plan. I was in holiday that time but dunno where i must to go until suddenly i think bout Thailand. so the tickets i  bought was in the spot. I depart from Jakarta  to Phuket Thailand n back from Singapore. When I arrived at Phuket It was drizzel around. The decided to go to Patong beach by bus, but lucky me that i met 4 indonesian guys on they to boarding pass after landing. So we share van together n it was 650 baht. They were nice n friendly enough. Even in Patong we were searching the guest house together. We got a guest house very close to to the main road. The place was gud enough. The room is quiet big, clean, with  AC n hot/warm shower. At nite I was walking around to see the nite life at Bang la road then to JUncelon mall till my feet was very very tired. hehehe...

Crazy speedboat

The next day, I joined fullday trip to explore Phiphi Island around. Early morning i wake up only don't want to be late to go to this fuckn island. wow...i can't stop this spirit. the driver pick up in front of the hostel. i just eat chicken burger from 7 eleven when the van arrive. on the way there the driver pick each person at their hotel. one by one... until the van full according by the seat. well, that morning he drop us in the pier called ramada.some staff already there n allow us to enter the lobby. it's not like a hotel lobby. it's simple place with the pier view. then i saw there is a medium table with the muffins. mmh...i want, but i m full. so i take a cup of coffee n sit on my chair. they ask me to pay around 1100 baht for the tour. yup, it's quiet expensive, cuz i don't use a big boat. it's a small boat. "speed boat". while the passengers breakfast or drink some coffee one of the staff enter th eroom. she is a woman. she fat but sweet enough...lol.. she has a loud voice n explain standard rules for us. including the way how to use snorkeling stuffs. bravo, everybody here were laughing cuz she was talk a funny thing. few minutes after she talk one by one of us start walking to the boat. angel speed boat, it is the name. so we sit on the bench.

"hello my name is pi, to day we r going to visit all places around phiphi island, all....if u need something plz ask me or other staff here"...bla..bla...bla.. so the boat is running while "pi" is talking. i m interesting when the boat runs like a wild horse. "cool. i got splash from the water" n the boat runs so fast. 

i saw 2 indian women pray in the corner. their mouths never stop to move...lol.. but i dunno what do they talk. n i don't care. i just thinking that this really really cool trip. at my back there r an oz family with their 2 kids. ghost... they bring kids in this fuckn boat... n the 2 kids r the youngest of us. maybe around 2 n 4 years old.

with this boat we visit viking cave, monkey island, maya bay, koh phiphi, khai island n some places which i don't remember the name. at phiphi island we stay there for a while for lunch n walking around. i called it "lazy restaurant" why? cuz every body have to takeoff the sandals when we enter the room. so i guess they r lazy to clearup the floor from the sand...lol...that's why they ask us to open our sandals/shoes. i don't really exciting with the menu there. u know it's sour. i bet they always put pineapple in every food....lol...kidding...but it's only cuz i don't like sour. lunch is including the tour package. there is some hostels in koh phiphi, u can see a clear water color by green n very clear.

after lunch i m walking around to see some souvenir store. on the street i saw an old woman with her pet "a monkey" n she offer 150 baht for taking picture with her ugly monkey. huh...interest? ....go head....

here i am, back to patong after did a crazy adventure. well, i m going bath n take rest. i went to a small restaurant on the main street. order a seafood fried rice for 60 baht. o i wish i can visit phiphi again one day. to nite is very tired.

3 days at patong is a wonderful experiences. i wake up on 8 a.m. to day. walking around patong to see n find some meals.. i buy a portion of noodle. it's 30 baht from a canteen next to the street. also 5 small bags n 3 medium bags from the seller who face to me when i went to jungceylon mall. then i go to cyber cafe to check mail n chitchat abit. this evening i will go to bangkok. i hope i can enjoy my holiday there. impatient to see bangkok. have to take songthaew to reach phuket terminal at phuket town. it's public transportation here, like a bus. songthaew's operational hours is until 5 p.m.

around 04.00 p.m. i m check out from the hostel. i walk through bang la road, this is a cute place with a lot of worse people, mystery smile n strange english...lol.. sorry to say... opss..i m in hurry to reach songthaew on the corner of this road. 

ciao patong... i m gonna miss u.

notes n tips: if u r in budged traveling this recommended place to buy food:
i saw in the carefour, they sale rice n some meals ready to eat n the price cheap enough. too bad i didn't buy there. cuz i was late to know it...lol next is 7 eleven, they sale bread, burger, sandwich n some coffee. it's enough for ur breakfast. n try a canteens near by area, sometimes u will get lower price like when i bought the noodle...lol. plz bring ur own bath stuff n cosmetic its better. find the gud package tour from the agent along patong to compare the price. fyi: "speedboat n the ordinaryboat is different. tour with speedboat more expensive but u will satisfy to take it, not cuz it's for younger spirit but u will go to all around phiphi" the normal price for speedboat is 2500 baht but u can offer until half off. n plz check the name of the boat. angel cruise, angel speedboat r very recommended.

Wonderful Bangkok

after i arrived at phuket town i must walk for 15 minutes to reach bus terminal. i stop ay 7 eleven n buy 2 burgers n mineral water there. honestly, i m still full that time. but at least i kept it for the stock even i  have some biscuits in my back. well i think better i buy, just for prepare. in the bus terminal it was  almost 6 p.m. then i go trough the locket to buy the ticket. 487 thb the cost to bangkok. i know it will be a long journey. cuz they said i will spend 14 hours. ghost... 
a long nite i in bus i only saw a dark road n sometimes some big boards on the road with the thai writing to mention the road name n destination arrow.but its useless as i dunno what is the meaning..lol..its seem like a warm writing there...hehehehhe... to remove my boring time i try to sleep. but i can't do it. u know why? its very very cold. i guess the ac temperature was below 16 degrees. i wear my jacket n my sock. but still cold. o Jesus... how can i sleep....
the sun shine come by my window, i look my mobile n it's 7 o'clock... almost arrive in bangkok. so, 8 p.m. i m in bangkok  bus terminal. i take my bag n exit the bus. then i go to the toilet to wash my face n mouthwash with Listerine. the toilet keepers ask me to pay about 20 thb when i exit. then i take bus no 3 to khaosand road. the driver n conductor r a nice person. they answer me friendly when i ask is it the correct bus go to khaosand. they r very informative. don't be surprise if u see many women here work as a conductor. its cool. i paid 20 thb for the bus. very cheap yah? i got  traffic cuz its work hour. there r a lot of people on the street. seem its busy morning. different like patong, its capital city of thailand. less than 1 hour the driver told me to go down from the bus cuz he said i need to walk abit to get khaosand. its near from here he said. so i say than u before exit the bus.
wow...its crowded street. i arrive at china town street. people everywhere n its make me headache. the stree is full. there r many street vendors stand on pedestrian. o god... where is khaosan road? i ask where is khaosand rd to somebody who sit in front of police station. he said i must turn left n its khaosand rd. omg..its only few step again...silly me.
khaosand rd very hot n messy. but i dunno why i really want to see this place. i saw tourists every 1 step i walk. may be they will to find some hotel or guest house like me. in the middle of the street i saw restaurant. there r some western guest chit chat with some beers...o nooo...beers for brunch time... i stop there n sit on the chair. my table is beside the wall in the corner. i order fried rice n soda. honestly, i really sleepy. i pay for all 100 thb. before i go from there i go to toilet again to pee. o nooo...here, every time u go to toilet u ,ust pay it, again n again. even in the resto....damn it. they charge 3 thb. huhhh..what the fuckn country is this????... i really upset, but i think its holiday, so must be different...lol. after eat i startt to search the hotel n hostel or guest house which fit with my budged. one by one i ask in the receptionist...sometimes i must enter some  lane, the small street n less of the sun ray n i smell bad that area. i guess its cuz humid. there is no space each other.some i fit with the hotel but not with the place. its bad air circulation. n when i found gud place but not fit with my budged...lol.  i go out from the lane to the main street again. until i arrive at the end of khaosand rd. i saw a guesthouse then. its located on the main road. the place is gud enough also the air circulation. 250 thb per nite for standard room. after check in i go direct to my room. i take my cloths n towel n go shower. they have warm water. i think i need to take a nap after shower, n i will plan to find a better room for tomorrow. at least i got the place for sleep tonite. 
3 p.m. i wake up then go to pratunam market by bus with the cost 14 thb. i walking around there n buy some t shirt. there is a mall across pratunam. i visit that mall too. i back to my hostel n met thai girl who i met this morning in the receptionist. she was eating that time. her name may. she is friendly to me. after i put my  belonging she accompany me to see around khaosand rd. n we go for dinner together. 100 thb for my dinner. we went to china town n i bought some bags n clothes again there. she said she will accompany me to grand palace tomorrow. 

7 p.m i go with May to sofitel hotel for dinner. she told that its a beautiful place. so i sit on the chair n look around. wow..its a wonderful place. then i go to teras n i see the whole bangkok in the nite from here. cool..we go to grand palace by bus at 9 a.m. 350 thb for the tickets, 200 thb rent the shirt.

Few days in bangkok I was very enjoy. Yes, its cuz the nitelife at Khaosand road was very memorable. Meet some new friend i got there, chitchat bout anything, Pina Coladas..hehehe n some cafes on the street. Oh, wish i can visit that place again

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