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I always prefer to let pictures speak instead of words, so this will be the only blog entry, outlining the trip, to give you an idea what was going on ;-)

So, basically we wanted to create a route through South America that covered as many cool places as possible...simply, uh? Not really - no matter where you look, South America is loaded with great spots!

In the end we decided for a route that went like this:


- Santiago de Chile

- San Pedro de Atacama


- Salar de Uyuni

- Sucre

- La Paz

- Copacabana at Lake Titicaca


- Puno (just a stopover)

- Machu Picchu

- Cusco

- Lima


- Cartagena

- Parque Tayrona

- Santa Marta

- Bogota

As I said, I will let the images speak for themselves. But let me tell you what I thought were the real highlights (in no specific order):

- Salar de Uyuni. The vast size of that place, combined with a perfect white ground and beautiful water reflections everywhere, was just stunning. I loved being there. Impressive!

- Machu Picchu. Yeah, it\'s crowded, it\'s busy, and you don\'t really feel like you are in the wilderness...but as soon as you stand on the upper level of the place and take a look at the surroundings, there is no way not to appreciate that place. It\'s not only Machu Picchu itself, but the spectacular setting around it. We had clouds on all sides, slowly wandering around the mountains, covering parts, uncovering truly is a magical place.

- Parque Tayrona: One of the most relaxed and storybook-like places I have been to. If you ever happen to go to Colombia, don\'t miss that one out! It\'s a little expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion.

- Cartagena: What a nice old city centre. I loved the vibe there - very much how I imagined the carribean, with beautiful colonial architecture sprinkled all over the old town.

So, that should do it for now. Should you have any questions, just drop me a line, and I will see if I can help :-)



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