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One week slid into the next.  Halloween we were in port, so after carving a squash with the guests, we headed out for a night on the town.  Another port night, a dozen of us decided to have a toga night at our hangout, the British Bulldog (that was quite a night!).  On my days in port, when I had some time to myself, sometimes I'd learn some windsurfing (the windsurf instructor at the hotel and I got to be friends, so he gave me a couple free lessons), or hang out with the crew from the private yacht that was on the same dock (owned by the owner of Pepsi Africa, apparently: the owners were never on board).  Occasionally I'd venture into town, to the phone company to say hello to my family back home, or to look around at the shops.  We were asked to keep working passed our 8 weeks, as there was going to be some slow time coming up, where the boat wouldn't be going out.  So we kept working: 11 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks straight.  And then, while we were out at sea, something horrible happened.  There was a terrorist attack in Luxor, about 70 people had been shot.  We just heard trickles of the news (I can't remember, I think maybe another boat radioed us), and when we got back to shore, we heard more.  After that, tourism did a nosedive.  All the bookings cancelled, all the charter flights were pulling out in protest.  It was actually probably the safest time to travel now, with all the heightened security, but I was tired of dealing with Egyptian men.  I wasn't going to be making any money now, there were less and less flight options with every passing day, so I decided it was time to leave.  A little sad that I hadn't made it to the pyramids or Luxor: I'll be back one day with a male companion!!!  I found a flight to Amsterdam, and got a flight from there to England, to stay with a friend for a little while, while I planned my next move.  Goodbye, Egypt!
axl007 says:
I'm sorry your Egyption trip was short lived. Have you been back since then?
Posted on: Jul 24, 2007
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