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For those who know me, I have several hobbies and among the most I like are, my collection of minibottles of Beverages, Spirits & Liquors (the liquours) and travel (experience that transmit through www.travbuddy.com) is so which then I made an imaginary journey through different countries and around the world pretending to show Beverages, Spirits or liquors typical of that country or that region.

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January 3rd, 2012La Paz, Bolivia
January 3rd, 2012Scotland, United Kingdom
January 3rd, 2012Tilburg, Netherlands
January 3rd, 2012Eext, Netherlands
January 3rd, 2012Prague, Czech Republic
January 3rd, 2012Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
January 3rd, 2012Hawaii, Hawaii
January 3rd, 2012Lake Bluff, Illinois
January 3rd, 2012Mianzhu, China
January 3rd, 2012Antwerp, Belgium
January 3rd, 2012Deinze, Belgium